Mines Of Ahmad

In the north of Shornfar the extensive Mines of Ahmad. This is the inner encampment of the Blood Hand, and second only to their home encampment in the Forest itself. The mines are cut extensively and skilfully into the hills in the north, and iron pours out of them into the forges of goblyn smithies. The town above ground is a rough one, men here to service the soldiers who are posted to monitor the goblyns live in rough, poorly build log cabins clustered around major mine entrances, and the soldiers themselves, commanded by thirteen year veteran Harald Korrn live in austere but defensible barracks littered around vast stone storehouses that are even better defended than the barracks.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Shornfar
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The goblyns meanwhile make their homes in the warrens of tunnels that make up the mines. Being comfortable underground they will stay in the mines for weeks on end. The only evidence of goblyn habitation is a large stables by the southern entrance to the settlement full of painted goblyn horses. The tunnels and caves, hollowed out of almost solid rock, are masterfully built, the goblyns have clearly sent their most proficient professionals here. A very large shrine to the Dioune burns near each entrance to show the divh that the goblyns work for their chosen people, so that they do not bring down their wrath upon this place where goblyns gather, and Brother Ardun Konn as been posted with a few Initiates to oversee the sanctity of the wounding of the earth, and to watch for augries indicating the presence of Giants in the earth below.

However despite the presence of so much man power the real rulership of the Mines lies in the hands of mine-master Nak-Nak to whom the goblyn miners all answer. He has a place just inside the mine’s largest shaft where he receives both men and goblyns as visitors, and has even proposed the teaching of some landsmen miners. The serfs and few freemen posted at the mines have begun to adapt to the goblyn mold, and have become ruthless and deceitful. Slowly the mines are developing a bad reputation as being a place where a soldier who asks too many questions disappears from the sight of even the divh, never to emerge from the dark and unfathomed warrens that anthill the ground under Shornfar.

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The Blood Hand's appointed overseer at the mines is the fearsome Nak-Nak.