Morgan The Blue

While he makes his home in Southaven, Morgan the Blue only spends a few months of the year in the city. Morgan is a traveller, and walks all over the isle pursuing some agenda that only he understands. Still, he remains Court Magician to the Grand High Prelate of Southaven, and as such has made himself available to the High Prelates whenever they summon him through a magical pool in Adima’s garden, at the Basilica of Southaven. While his duties only extend to the service of the legitimate rulers of Southaven, Morgan has also been known to deal with the T’Ovari when the situation warrants it.


Morgan is a man of average height and build, with pale skin and features that might be beautiful under the long curly beard he wears. His hair is of a pale brown and curls in natural ringlets that many women at court would be jealous of. Morgan has a gentle face, and his eyes twinkle with a ready laugh, and his mouth is more often than not upturned in a hidden grin full of mischief and glee. There is just a youthful energy about the man despite his clearly advancing years. Morgan tends to flowing blue robes but seldom if ever wears shoes or any covering on his gnarly feet.


Despite appearing like some deranged naturalist Morgan is a scholar and an alchemist and as well educated and read a man as one will ever encounter in all of Allornus. He enjoys that fact that his somewhat feckless appearance allows him to surprise people, especially priests, with his extensive knowledge of subjects such as history, anatomy, philosophy and even theology. And while Morgan is always the first to laugh at a joke it is not his manner to be frivolous with his words. While he is thought of as a harmless old wanderer this is largely a myth he has perpetrated about himself, and Morgan the Blue is more likely to be found working in his laboratory than wandering the meadows as folk who speak of him would have you believe.


Morgan the Blue has one of the most unusual stories of all of the students of the High Warlock. Before becoming a pupil at Skyreach he was a vagrant and a tramp. Morgan was the son of an escaped serf, and was brought up at the Werndel end of the Forest Way, hidden in the woods. He took to wandering at a young age, living off the land, begging and telling tall tales for what he could not find. It is perhaps this Morgan of old that he still appears to be despite years of careful study and research and learning.

Morgan came upon Skyreach almost by accident, and when he did he chose to make himself a home not far from the Warlock's door. When Garrin the White, then a student, was charged with moving the young vagabond along the two instead struck up a bargain. Morgan would do much of the fetching and foraging with which Garrin was charged in return for a few scraps of meat and bread, and being left to himself. The Warlock grew more and more perplexed that this nuisance had not been removed from his territory, and eventually went to deal with the young man himself, however as Morgan tells it he always had a knack for seeing into people's thoughts and 'borrowing' what they were thinking. When he did this to the Warlock the man seemed so astounded that he insisted that he be allowed to examine Morgan.

Like the rest of the Warlock's students Morgan will not speak of his time in Skyreach, save to say that his final trial was a terrible one. He emerged thirty-some years later, the same man who went in on the outside, but perhaps the Isle's most learned scholar within. From his roots as a poor outcast he was sent to the richest place in all of Ahlonia, Southaven, to ply his trade for the ruling regime there. He has however been loose in his definition of exactly who this ruling regime are, but has always striven to give aid where he can, and stay on the side of the people. To the city's carefully hidden poor he is a saviour, for every day he is home, without fail, he goes out in the morning amongst the poor with bread. He always seems to have just enough, no matter how many he finds, and asks for neither reward nor thanks, saying simply that he remembers a time when he so welcomed the occasional piece of bread from a kind stranger.


Morgan may not be as clearly mobile as Rowenna Soeromel, but with the notable exception of Willem Cole he seems to be on the best of terms with all of the other pupils of the Warlock, especially Garrin with whom he will spend entire moths of the year. The two were at Skyreach together and this has forever bonded them closer even than brothers. Morgan seems to have little time for the Iron Mage, but bares the man no ill will either, and he and Rowenna, though oddly matched, get along famously. It is said that of all the students Morgan is the only one who will willingly return to Skyreach on what might be considered a social call, though certainly such mundanities are beneath the Warlock.

Morgans welcome extends to the courts of Werndel, Lierkist, Roen, Rotheron, Tireste and Thairon as well as being as welcome in the Great Basilica as he is in Daelin Nole's parlour. He is known for his great wisdom, his extensive and sage learning and his fine humour in all of these places, though in truth he is seldom to be found away from his library and laboratory, except in the summer months when he is inclined to go visiting.


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Character Traits

Jolly (3)

Morgan presents a disarming visage. Scruffy, jovial, and ever ready to laugh, even at his own expense, many think him ineffectual and foolish when they first meet him. And while this costs him respect at times, it also leads people to (on occasion) be freer with their speech than perhaps they should. It also endears him to the common man, and especially to children.

Sorcerer! (2)

While Morgan's mild temperament do much to soften the terrified awe that people hold the students of Skyreach, and indeed practitioners of magic in general in, it is still impossible to overlook the fact the man can bend the very laws of nature to his will, and to fear that power, and what he could do with it.

Wanderlust (2)

Morgan finds that he gets "itchy feet" if he stays in one place too long. This means he is a rich font of knowledge about the goings on of the world, but it also makes him hard to find.