Further to the west the now merely geographical boarder of Barvenham merges with the Earldom of Marak, and the town of Nathbirn and the surrounding farmsteads roughly mark the point where the Earldoms of Barven, Sherevon and Marak meet. A few southern steads, unhappy with the dissolution of Marak’s ruling family actually go so far as to claim that they are part of Sherevon, but they still agree to pay Tolbren’s tithe collectors, and while they do they can claim to be wherever they wish. Earl Tolbren would gladly say they were on the surface of the sun so long as they paid his tithesmen.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Earldom of Marak
Total Population: 4,450 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Built around a large central plaza where three major highways meet, the town spreads out in thirds. Like most towns in Reddown there is no Doge and no centralized authority. There’s really no need. The presence of a small garrison of Barven infantry are in permanent residence to protect the highways and maintain order in town, but really each of the thirds of the city falls into three different farmsteads with the centre being designated a neutral trade station. Buildings tend to be tightly packed and the streets are busy and narrow. A thin layer of road dust and soot lies on everything and drainage is inadequate. In fact Nathbirn might benefit from some kind of control, or at least some re-investment on the part of its joint owners. However local steaders view it as little more than a convenient way to part with surplus goods and so the town remains a mess. Small waves of disease tend to plague poorer quarters and vagrants occasionally sneak into town and shelter in the narrow alleyways between buildings, but despite this Nathbirn doesn’t have a reputation for being any less safe than other towns.

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