The Nofo were the lofty second tribe of the landsmen, and Nofus was second only to his brother Haederas amongst the Divh, and his wisdom, kindness and justness were much respected by all of the landsmen. Often the master of the Nofo was called upon to settle disputes between the other Divh, and his rulings were always obeyed. But since the inner circle of the Nofo cannibalized their Divhi the race ceased to truly be men, cast from their homeland they brought terrible retribution down upon the whole world, and the meat of the Divh extended their lives, but warped their minds and bodies beyond recognition, until there was nothing left of them.

The Divh-Eaters were a broad, strong people of hawkish visage, pale skin and umber hair and eyes, they were said to be of angular features, with almond eyes, and be gifted with a robust fortitude, and a cunning mind. Once crafters of straw, gem and glass, these skills are certainly dead, and no remnant seems to remain as evidence of their works, or potency. They dwelt in the far north of the Isle of Men, near the land bridge, where the land was temperate and forested, and where they ad occasional contact with Mariners and even Skral.

Nofus, Cursebringer

The Divhi of the Nofo was the doomed Nofus. History recounts Nofus as the judge and lawmaker of the landsmen divh, and as a being of infinite compassion and wisdom. But what history remembers most starkly is his grisly death at the hands of the inner circle of his followers, and their feasting upon his flesh, that was so abhorrent to the Divh of the heavens that they brought down the Sundering upon the world in an act of terrible retribution. While history largely accepts that Nofus is dead, some claim that only his physical form can die, and thus many cults to the essence of the Divhi of Mercy remain, giving comfort and charity in the name of the spirit of the Divhi.

But the doom of the Nofo was sealed on a single dark night. The ancient ancestors of today's landsmen lived a semi-nomadic life in extended tribes, each with their own divhi, and had discovered the secrets of fired clay and brass tools, as well as the Nofo, who alone knew the secret of glass-making and gem-cutting, but with their allied Divh as their masters there was only peace and prosperity, and the Isle of Men was rich, and safe. But the Nofo knew ambition, and over the years something began whispering to the inner circle of the Nofo.

In a single foul night, the innercircle of the Nofo brought about the horror of the sundering. The Nofo were some of the first among men to discover certain powers associated with death and the other world, and the transient nature of life and death energies, and a learned elite had risen up amongst the Nofo under the gentle tutelage of the divhi Nofus, in the mold of his cousin Ghanda, and they became preoccupied with this lore. So much so that on one fateful night these men crept to the pavillion where Nofus meditated, and murdered the Divhi with long knives of polished volcanic glass. Then, as if this were not enough, the Nofo feasted on the steaming flesh of their dead Divhi before it had even cooled. And then they went forth with the remains of their meal and threw it to the rest of their tribe, lying that it was a boon from their master. In one night the Nofo sealed the doom of all landsmen, and ended their own race with a single, bloody meal.