Numeracy Skill
A character with the Numeracy Skill has an understanding of numbers, and is numerate. Most commoners can count to ten, many even to a hundred, but the ability to count much higher, to tackle large sums, to work out measurements and convert measures accurately requires a skill in mathematics. Complex mathematical theories really have no place in the Darkrealm, but simple measures of weight, length, volume and the like are all facilitates by the Numeracy Skill.

Key Statistic: Intelligence
Tech Level: 2



any actions that can be attempted without the skill

Beginner (1-2)

Low Counting, Addition, and Subtraction

the primary action the skill is required for

Intermediate (3-5)

High Counting, Multiplication, and Division

an additional, more complex action now available

Advanced (6-7)


an even more complex, often exciting or niched action or one that improves the quality of the primary action or actions

Expert (8-9)


see above, but even more complex, and usually more niche

Perfect (10)

Perfect Action

an impossible, mythic, "magical" power acquired by perfecting the skill


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