Odo Landen

Possibly the largest single freehold in all Ahlonia is the Roughlands, and Odo Landen is its current Baron. While the domain is immense Odo is also the poorest of Highdunn’s landed nobility. Odo is an insular ruler, the concerns of his vast wasteland domain entirely occupy his time, and he has no time to involve himself in the politics of the rest of Highdunn. As a result he is almost a separate monarch, but of course he answers to the throne of Highdunn without question or hesitation.


Odo is a stout man in his early middle years, though he might be mistaken for older. His skin is ruddy and tan, his eyes deep-set and dark, and his jaw ill-defined. He wears heavy, drooping moustaches to cover this to some extent, and his long curly hair aids in this effort too. Odo is not a bulky or powerful man, but is stocky, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Despite his relative poverty Odo always makes sure to dress the part of a nobleman, and carries himself with prideful poise even in private situations.


Odo is a practical man, he knows just how little control he has over his borough, and works towards realistic goals in terms of the acquisition of wealth, and the bringing of law and order to the lands around Lake Nash, which he hopes to be remembered by history for. His court certainly think of Odo as a realistic man, one who realized the value of information, and while he is no genius he is certainly a man of intelligence and careful thoughtfulness. Nor does Odo pretend to be a fine warrior, and is a fine delegator, believing in using the right man for the job rather than overextending his own resources and skill set.


A born heir, Odo had the best tutors that his father could obtain. A fine student, Odo was practical from the start, and when many young heirs go to fight in the Veldt and hunt for glory Odo spent his time mastering numbers and history. When most lordlings frequented alehouses and went on raucous hunts with their hangers on Odo took grain to the serfs, and collected tithes from Margraves. Even as a young boy Odo was involved in the bureaucracy of his future domain, and when he finally became Baron Odo knew the Roughlands like no other, not from travelling them, but from studying every chart, and talking to every Margrave. Odo's reign has not been an uneventful one, and the formation of Maethas in his own territory is a constant thorn in the side of the Baron, not to mention frequent warfare with goblyn and giant tribes, and careful intelligence collecting missions, some disastrous, against the Black Sarith have all made Odo's tenure as Baron eventful, and filled with peril. But Odo has a plan for every contingency, and when one plan fails he learns from it.


Politically speaking, despite so many threats, Odo has few real enemies. Maethas and Kessel have greater concerns than emnity with Odo, and it is debatable that Willem Cole has even bothered to learn the man's name. While clashes with goblyns and giants are common none would truly consider Odo a personal foe, though Ramgorn Sagtar and Odo are certainly locked in a heated rivalry at present, and Ozik the Maw has on a number of occasions expressed a desire to taste the flesh of a Baron. Similarly Odo has few real allies. Eldin is obligated to protect the Roughlands, but he sees only Maethas beyond this frontier with rage in his eyes, and Theandar Marr, while administering the faith of the Roughlands seems to overlook Odo himself. Odo's greatest ally is without doubt the Scarlet Witch, Lady Rowenna Soeromel, who is duty bound to aid him in whatever way she can. But Odo uses her only in dire need, partly out of mistrust and partly so as not to exhaust such an asset. Many roughriders however do strive to personally overthrow Odo and his regime, albeit unrealistically.

Odo has been married to Gesel for nearly twenty years of his life, and she has given him three strong sons: Randal, Gavin and Dean. His younger brother Marshal is in service as his seneschal, and his uncle Trevor represents the family at the royal court at Thairon.


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Character Traits

Lord of the Wastes (2)

Though formally Odo is Baron of the Roughlands, his informal moniker is far more widely used. Odo rules over what most men would not want, and as such he is seen as something of a pauper-lord. Odo knows his domain well, he has worked hard to truly be lord to his wasteland home, hoping to pry something from it, but this does nothing to increase his standing as a wasteland bumpkin in the eyes of his peers.