Og Bonag

The city of Og Bonag is the capitol of the Nasirate of Suldan, though it is not the largest city in that land, that distinction going to Minadag. Situated on the fertile plains in the very centre of Suldan, this sprawling unwalled city is made almost entirely from weather-dark stone quarried in the mountains of Llumora. The buildings of Og Bonag are known for grandiose fa├žades, with towering pillars and monolithic entrances and ornate (but often abstract) sculptural elements adorning the fronts of otherwise plain and unadorned buildings. Along the main thoroughfares travellers unfamiliar with Og Bonag might think every building, from the homes of lofty noblemen to the simplest business a grand temple, and yet from the side streets that same traveller might think Og Bonag a city of crude and featureless boxes.

Region: Suldan, Shattered Empire.
Total Population: 8,200 approx.
Demographics: 72% Irian, 16% Tribeless, 8% Ralstaan, 2% Bosk, 1% Birdmen, 1% Other.
Government: Military protectorate of the Arl of Bal Bonag.
Wealth: Hub of Prosperity (8).
Tech. Level: Medieval (5).
Major Industry:
Major Religions: Eastern Orthodox Temple of Irik, Hidden Recollections of Shar.

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