Old Man's Crook

Old Man’s Crook wraps around Ravvh. It sits just within the middle city's outer walls. Its buildings are ancient and sprawling, and damage from the bandit wars makes them undesirable. Also networks of tunnels and chambers used in the bandit wars now constitute what is almost and independent underground town for lower class workers. Tentmarket street runs from Ravvh into the Crook, meeting the north-running Barrows Street that runs parallel to the walls. Barrow Street particularly is notable for being the site of the infamous Barrows Street Bloodbath, the most violent house gang clash in living memory which left over a hundred Deloene and Lerent gangers dead.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population: 17,450 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Generally buildings in the Crook are quite low, undermining and poor construction coupled with the willingness of the guard along the walls to forcibly topple anything that might allow access to the walls, means that two and three story buildings are rare, and usually very old. More than once the Palisade Guard have come down from the walls and torn down a new construction. Buildings leak severely, and most structures have been heavily altered by people who have no appropriate construction skills. Many homes that, as close as Westbridge, might house a single family here have up to a dozen people in each room, with windows converted into doorways and internal doors and corridors barricaded with rubble. The roads here are generally thick with mud and horse leavings and even the main streets are choked with sewerage, so that even the beggars and paupers of the district often take to the roofs to rest. Alleyways are choked with rubbish, and even the rats habitually travel over high ground. However because of it's importance as a roadside thoroughfare the main roads are cobbled and the local watch are mandated with keeping them clear enough for goods or soldiers to move through quickly.

The district is split between House Deloene, House Ellene and House Lerent, each of whom control a large block of territory split by the major roads, and general disinterest in the region means that land never changes hands. The Lerent, Ellene and Deloene gangs all also have a heavy presence here, and they each dominate a large cluster of buildings which has to act as almost an urban fortress, so bitter is the conflict here. The tunnels especially are the site of some bitter and bloody conflict, mainly because the guard seldom venture down there. Aside from these powers the district is populated by a mix of Vorgor and Goblyns alongside the local Ralsaans.

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Notable Groups and Individuals

Marn Uth-Avith
The Crook's watch captain is a man named Marn, a scion of a minor Bradenthyr noble line.

Shabba the Ghan
Shabba is a local with a particularly unpleasant reputation, while it is publicly known that the aging man was one of the bandit council's most feared enforcers, he turned informant towards the end of the wars, and remains untouched. The notches in the man's axe attest to his effectiveness in that role.

The proprietor of the Sign of the Black Horseshoe, Garett, is also a bandit war veteran, though he would never confess, and no evidence has ever emerged. Thanks to so many people here with the habit he is probably the district's most wealthy and powerful man.