Oldarth Plains

Not as rich as the Haelkith Plains in the west or even the flats of the Tresser Veldt or Southaven, the Oldarth Plains are never the less perfectly suitable farmlands. Covering the majority of the area known as the Heartlands of Highdunn, from the coast and the Teryth Forest in the south all the way to the Fenns in the north, with the Roughlands and Lake Riala marking the eastern and western edges, and broken near the centre by the Mainburrough Hills, these are the true heart of Highdunn, and is home to the vast majority of the kingdom's population. The planes are mainly volcanic, tending to be silty and rocky, making crops hard work, but they are excellent for herds of grazing animals with their thick grasses, and remain moist even in the height of summer thanks to extensive waterways, particularly the Thair as it runs off the fenns. The vast majority of the land here is either under cultivation, or left fallow for herds, and there is little here that is genuinely wild any more. However old Siele ruins still dot the landscape, often converted to barns or stores, but more commonly a hiding place for vagrants or wild animals.