Order Of The Black Sarith

The Order of the Black Sarith is a small, heretical subset of the Church of the Dioune, devoted to the belief that Willem Cole is the sixth oracle. While the order differs very little from the parent church, they renounce the church's leadership and the Order of the Garden because they refuse to relinquish control of the church to an oracle as their own church law dictates they must.

The Order of the Black Sarith

The Order of the Black Sarith differs from the church of the Dioune markedly in that all devotees are initiates, there are no lay members of the order, everyone is initiated and ordained in the Order, and they know one another as Brother or Sister in emulation of the Diounate ranks, and their congregations are led by a large body of individuals calling themselves Prelates. In this manner the order forms into small, dense cells based around a single individual who is in contact with other cells, and the order more closely resembles the Cult of Gruna than the Church of the Dioune in this respect. Generally speaking it is most common for zealots to leave the camp at the base of the Black Sarith's Tower in the northern roughlands and go out into the world to proclaim themselves to be Prelates of the order and found a hidden cell somewhere in the world. Concentrations of cells are known to exist in Nashby, Whitehale and Torburrough, but realistically the Prelate of the Warriors of the Church suggests that the order is much more extensively spread.


The Order of the Black Sarith believes much the same things as the Church of the Dioune, it has its roots in the Dissident doctrine of Highdunn, and so there is a strong movement to view Aliel and Koroth as twin faces of a single nameless divh, embodied in Willem Cole. They believe that pleasing the Dioune is the path to sarithdom, and that adoration and supplication is what most pleases the Dioune. However there is also a strong belief that while Cole is a vessel of their will and power, that the divhi that is the Dioune is still in its place in the sky where it knows all and sees all. They believe firmly that soon Cole will move to dismantle the pretender church and restore the chosen of the Dioune to power. To this end some order adherents want to be on the side of the man they are so sure is right, and others see the rich coffers of the church, and want to be at the fore of the new ruling regime. Sinisterly, many cells also see sacrificing the false priests to the greater glory of the sixth oracle will earn them the greatest favour.


Few strictures are laid upon the adherents of the order, possibly this is primarily because the Black Sarith himself shows little or no interest in the order. However many cells hold that they are all governed by the strictures of the parent church, while others reject the church so totally that they take it as gospel to openly flaunt each and every one of the Church of the Dioune's strictures at every opportunity.

Teachings and Scripture

Though a number of holy scriptures have been produced none have been widely embraced, or copied more than a couple of times, and largely the Order of the Black Sarith differs from the church of the Dioune very little except that they renounce the church as it stands, and claim that Willem Cole is the sixth oracle and thus by ancient church law his authority supersedes that of the Grand High Prelate, and that for any body to call an oracle a heretic is an act of heresy in itself. The proverbs and sayings of Willem Cole are listed with pride alongside those of Vone and Derian in scrawled hands in the margins of copies of the Book of Algomar, though it's successor texts are utterly renounced and usually burned as instruments of church oppression. To the Order of the Black Sarith the Grand High Prelate and Southaven are an illegitimate regime peddling lies to hold on to a faith and church that rightly belong, even by their own laws, to Willem Cole. Cole for his part seems indifferent, even disinterested in such a claim, but the fanatical zealotry that his mere presence seems to instill, without fail, in all those around him, drives the cult to elevate him to greater and greater heights. Already there are whisperings that Cole is himself Koroth reborn, and that the return that the sixth oracle will bring about is a bloody purge of the unfaithful from the world. Cries for a holy crusade echo from huddled congregations of fanatics at the base of the Sarith's tower almost nightly.