Order Of The Blessed Remembrance

The Order of the Blessed Remembrance are the order to which all of the disparate priests who go into the world and minister to the people belong. They are the only church order who are not monastic in nature. When a priest becomes a brother he is inducted into the order of the blessed remembrance, unless he has be apprenticed directly to another order - a rare occurrence - and granted ministry over a community somewhere in Ahlonia, usually far from his home.

Patron: Oracle Ahlana
Membership: in excess of 5,000
Prelate: Timothy Bronte
Home: The Basilica of Remembrance, Southaven


In 569 HC Maddil son of Maddil of Sigard made all of the positions of churchmen in the Church of the Dioune hereditary. As a result the church had to make some distinction between initiates and actual priests. To this end the Order of the Blessed Remembrance was created, and members inducted had earned title not only for themselves but for their firstborn sons as a nobleman might also. Of course the tradition did not outlive Maddil's lengthy reign, but the order remained as an honourific signifying that the priest, once inducted, could guide the decisions of his parishioners with confidence that he knows the minds of the Dioune - as well as any mere man can.


The Order of the Blessed Remembrance have perhaps the most important role in the entire church; to preach to the people of Ahlonia and guide them in their service to the Dioune. Priests of the church of the Dioune do not preach or hold regular services or claim any holy authority, primarily their role is to guide people in how to make offerings to the divh of the Dioune in order to be acknowledged and blessed and how to maintain the health of their immortal souls.


The order sends members to any settlement that has a shrine, and petitions the church for someone to come and tend the shrine. As such priests of this order usually work independently, though several brother will serve a more ranking priest in the order in major settlements where there is a chapel or basilica rather than just a shrine. Brothers of the order are expected to take on and encourage lay initiates in the settlement to which they minister in order to propagate the order and the church.

Priestly Orders in the Church of the Dioune
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