Order Of The Fists Of Koroth

The Order of the Fists of Koroth are specialists in the worship of Koroth, a cult devoted to a single divh within the church. The fists are by no means devoted to Koroth exclusively, but believe that in the veneration of the Dioune each aspect must be prayed to and made offerings differently in order to properly please the divh. So the Fists of Koroth devote themselves to better understanding the mind of the enigmatic and powerful warrior Koroth.

Patron: Koroth
Membership: 380 approx.
Prelate: Nathan Cardoc
Home: The Monastery of the Blessed Spear, Estar


When Vone III, would would later be named Oracle founded the Church of the Dioune in some semblance of it's current form he decreed that there should be monasteries devoted to each of the faces of the Dioune. To this end he granted a prelacy to two of his closest lieutenants and instructed them to assemble text and lore on the worship of Koroth and Aliel independently. In 304 HC both monastic orders were founded, the first of what would be many theological divisions of the church. These orders have subsisted as small monastic sects over a handful of locations since, but are much smaller and have a much more minor presence in the modern church than they did then.


Koroth is the more enigmatic of the dioune, more prone to lead by example than words, more given to revenge and conflict that Aliel. The Fists must therefor devote themselves to studying the actions of Koroth, to try to interpret what Koroth has to teach by examining his behavior and letting him stand as example. To this end they pore over and over the tales of Koroth penned by the oracles, interpreting and re-interpreting meaning in order to define how best to pray to Koroth, what prayers to address to him, what offerings he likes and how best to draw his gaze.


Primarily a monastic order, the Fists are divided between their home monastery in Estar and their compound in the Great Basilica at Southaven. They are seldom mobile, preferring to pursue their studies in their own libraries and those of the great Scriptory of Southaven.

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