Order Of The Hands Of Aliel

The Order of the Hands of Aliel are specialists in the worship of Aliel, a cult devoted to a single divhi within the church. The Hands of Aliel involve themselves in the teachings of mercy and forgiveness, and of innocence. They often spend time observing children, and run orphanages throughout Ahlonia in the name of the church. While they believe that a balanced spirit is maintained by observation of both divh of the dioune they also teach that it is important to appease and pray to Aliel and Koroth separately, even in a dissident faith system.

Patron: Aliel
Membership: 400 approx.
Prelate: Maurine Timble
Home: The Monestary of the Hand, Riala


When Vone III, would would later be named Oracle founded the Church of the Dioune in some semblance of it's current form he decreed that there should be monasteries devoted to each of the faces of the Dioune. To this end he granted a prelacy to two of his closest lieutenants and instructed them to assemble text and lore on the worship of Koroth and Aliel independently. In 304 HC both monastic orders were founded, the first of what would be many theological divisions of the church. These orders have subsisted as small monastic sects over a handful of locations since, but are much smaller and have a much more minor presence in the modern church than they did then.


As already stated, the role of the Hands within the church is to make a study of all things Aliel, and to determine which prayers should be addressed to Aliel, which offerings she most likes, and at what times her attention is at it's strongest. They comb scripture for evidence of Aliel's responses and her words, and those proverbs and parables of the oracles that come from her. Of course, the weight of diounic teaching focuses on words prescribed to Aliel, rather than the enigmatic Koroth, who is more defined by actions than words, but they must determine which teachings should be attributed to Aliel herself, and which should be attributed to her as a voice for the dioune as a whole.


Primarily a monastic order, the Hands are divided between their home monastery in Riala and their compound in the Great Basilica at Southaven. They are seldom mobile, preferring to pursue their studies in their own libraries and those of the great Scriptory of Southaven.

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