Order Of The Living Heart

The Order of the Living Heart are the Dioune's healers, they offer treatment to the diseased and the infirm, and their facilities are the best hope for Ahlonia's truly sick. While the order do tend to gather in monestaries, they are a very mobile sect, relocating wherever they are most needed, and making do with whatever they find. At the rear lines in wars, in the heart of plagues and diseases they see the worst the world has to offer, and face it with a stalwart professionalism most deeply admire.

Patron: Oracle August
Membership: 870 approx.
Prelate: Dhugal Farn
Home: The Monestary of Adima, Ennis


In 757 HC the priestess Adima was able to cure the plague known as the chill death by finding a hidden spring that could come to be known as the well of Adima by Aliel's grace and guidance. After her death, in her honour a specific order of healers was founded by the Grand High Prelate Alrac. The order was instructed to only study in the ways of healing, both of mind and body, and to go forth and found facilities where they could treat the infirm. The order has never had the member or resources to pursue this fully, but rather have relied on being largely mobile. Collecting together all of the lore of the women of herbalism and healing from village to village the order was able to form the first real concentrated focus of healing knowledge in Ahlonia.


The brothers of the Living Heart are healers, charged with carrying the knowledge of medicine to the faithful of Ahlonia, and compiling the disparate lores of the various lands of the continent into a single skill set. In some civilizations it is common for all priests to have some knowledge of healing, but in the church of the dioune a normal brother has no such knowledge whatsoever, so it is up to the Order of the Living Heart to go from place to place ministering to the hurt and ill. From battlefields to plague-ridden towns they arrive and set up places where the sick can be treated. Those who they cannot heal they take to their wellness asylums to live out their days under the care of the order.


The Order of the Living Heart are a monastic order, but the need for mobility means that in reality they travel around in small groups of brothers backed up by large numbers of assigned initiates. Generally speaking they will be based out of a handful of major monasteries where brothers will return when the danger in a give area is passed. These monasteries have asylums for the incurably ill of body or mind attached in separate buildings, where they try to make the lives of these individuals as comfortable as possible without letting them be exposed to the general populace.

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