Order Of The Sanctuary

The Order of the Sanctuary are the keepers of Diounic lore, it is they who are charged with transcribing the holy books and keeping church history and church law. They are charged with keeping the church Scriptory in Southaven, part library part book repository, all of the precious handmade and wood print copies of holy texts are theirs to guard, maintain and manufacture.

Patron: Oracle Vone
Membership: 360 approx.
Prelate: Randall Hone
Home: The Diounic Scriptuary, Southaven


In 588 HC the works of the priest-scholar Osric of Daultin, to whose studious and detailed histories we owe a debt for much of the early history of Reddown that we know, finished his history from the founding to the mid point of the Siele Wars. With his histories complete he gifted them to the church, who in turn deemed that the histories should be reproduced along with the holy books of the church, and distributed amongst the centers of the faith. To this end the loose affiliation of priests who were acting as scribes were united under a new prelacy, forming the Order of the Sanctuary. The first sanctuary at Harkfal, for fear of destructive siele, who had proven that they loved to destroy books and other permanent lore, was actually a fortified underground library where the original copies of all of the holy books and Osric's histories were stored.


The Order of the Sanctuary are the scribes, the keepers of the Scriptory, they are the priests charged with mass producing those texts which the church deems essential to the better understanding of the faith. They maintain the histories of Osric of Daultin, and the books of Hanna and Algomar in their original forms, and copy these onto woodcuts in order to mass produce these important tomes.


The Order has a presence in all of the great holy libraries of the isle, from Harkfal to Lierkist, Daultin and Southaven, but undoubtedly their greatest presence is at the heart of the faith. They are a monastic order, meaning that a large body of brothers and initiates live and work together in major libraries. Occasionally individual brothers, often with the aid of several initiates, will be sent out to procure some work or another from the author or from a private collector, but these are always attached to a greater monastery.

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