Order Of The Sixth Oracle

The Order of the Sixth Oracle are an order devoted solely to scouring the world for the appearance of the Sixth Oracle. They are a secretive and enigmatic order, who seem to answer to no one, but merely arrive in communities asking questions, following leads, and seizing church assets to conduct interviews. But despite their often sinister veneer they are not a secret police, and while they are tight lipped about their affairs they are more of an aloof nuance than a threat where they appear.

Patron: Oracle Derian
Membership: 300 approx.
Prelate: Timothy Gale
Home: The Great Basilica, Southaven


In 796 HC, some time after the death of the Oracle Derian, some of his notes were brought to the attention of then Grand High Prelate Dominic. In these notes he reflected upon all of the oracles who had come before him, and speculated that perhaps his visions of the divh made him an oracle, though he was not acclaimed until after his death. His writings further told that he had been told by Aliel that the time of oracles was nearly over, and that there would be but six oracles sent into the world to the chosen of the dioune. He recounted that she feared this sixth oracle, for his appearance would signify a great judgment on the faithful, and he would reveal a truth that would test even the most loyal. Derian could only wonder what this was, but he was equally sure that if the church was strong and diligent it would be ready to pass whatever test was to be put to it. Dominic without hesitation called together all of his most experienced priests and ordered them to study the lives of the oracles, so that for the first time an oracle might be found and acclaimed during his lifetime, so that when it came time for the church to be tested it would know that the task had arrived.


The Order of the Sixth Oracle has but one mandate in the church; find the sixth oracle, and eliminate any pretenders. To that end they travel Ahlonia from Maethas to Bandar investigating every rumour, following every lead, interviewing every holy man and lunatic who claims divine visitation, slowly building criteria by which to know the sixth oracle. So far they have never found an individual who even comes close to fulfilling all of their criteria or oracledom.


Brothers of the Order of the Sixth Oracle must be prepared to work almost totally independently of the rest of the church, going from place to place alone or with whatever protection they deem it appropriate to hire with church coin, investigating rumours, claims and petitions all over the land. Generally a brother will not be kept in one place for too long so as to diversify his experiences and make him better able to recognize unique cases. Between these times they gather at their compound in the Great Basilica at Southaven to discuss what they have seen and further refine the criteria sought in the true sixth oracle. They also focus on finding evidence that disproves the claims of the Black Sarith Willem Cole that he is the sixth oracle, and members of this order are always kept in vigil with the warriors of the church over his tower in the north of the roughlands.

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