Other Settings

The Darkrealm is system and world both, but there are other worlds, other places that the Darkrealm rules might be used in. The Darkrealm rules were tailored to the world of Allornus, but it has been useful in some other settings with some degree of adjustment, and those that work well have their own setting and rules listed here. Even some games completely independent of the darkrealm that I like, and think you might like.

  • DR4BR - Birthright, originally published by TSR in '95, has always been a huge inspiration for me, and in my own adaptation it lives on. Speaking of Birthright, Birthright.net is an amazing resource on which I've drawn heavily in my own version.
  • Knight Falls - A DR pulp horror setting, focused on being a little over the top, in the vein of Twin Peaks meets Buffy.
  • Altered! - A DR superhero setting with an espionage flavour set on an alternate earth.
  • No Man's Land - A new/old setting I've been rejigging 'cos I felt a little bit inspired.
  • Echoes - A new co-built world designed without humans in mind - very happy with this one, and it's two rule-sets!
  • Tehrasa - Still one of my all-time favourite fantasy settings.
  • Primeverse - A sci-fi feeling superhero game world created by a long time gaming buddy.
  • After Terra - Biopunk sci-fi in a flooded world.
  • Aiend - A vast and diverse fantasy seeing the mysterious rise of a fifth moon.
  • Urbis - Another massive wiki-based campaign setting that calls itself "A Fantasy World of Magic and Industry".
  • Old School Hack - Any classic RPG fan should check out this beautifully irreverent bit of nostalgia.


A few resources are also invaluable to any RPG player. Check out some of the links below for the work of those who have come before, and see if you can use them when playing in the Darkrealm.

  • Gamemastering - An experienced, insightful and exceptionally complete guide for running roleplaying games.
  • The Free RPG Blog - this is simply THE hub for this sort of thing on the internet as far as I can tell.
  • 1km1kt - Official home of the 24 hour RPG Project, and just a fantastic resource for the gaming community.
  • Free RPG Compendium - A hell of a list, though it clearly hasn't been touched in years and many links are broken.
  • Fate - A very cool, slightly more collective and simplistic RPG system. Very good, and quite original.