The strange Divhidre Otta is associated with the seas of Allornus, and the barriers between the real and unreal. He is the divhi of junctions, the lord of chaos, the hunger of the deep, the author of storms and the font of destruction but he is also the keeper of mystery. Otta is said to embody the want of the Creator - not it's specific wants but rather the energy of raw want. He is thought of as a hungry divh - always starving never dying - and yet he finds many worshippers both amongst those who wish to appease his raw power by sating him with offerings and amongst those who also know the flame of want.

It is well known that the ancient ogiere in particular thought of Otta as a personal patron, believing the creature they knew as Onguinga to be all of the vast ocean and the nothingness into which it recedes served by six sons who are the embodiments of entropy. Those that are by virtue of being not.

Names: Othen; Onguinga; Purge.
Aspect: Greed and Hunger.
Associations: The Sea; The Alien and Unknown; Mysteries and Secrets; Hunger and Starvation; Storms; Chaos and Wanton Destruction; Fire and Water; The Ogiere.


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