Outrider Profession

Outriders are essential to any army. Experienced outdoorsmen, and experts at the treacherous welcome of the wilderness, the reconnoitre or scout ahead of a greater force, blaze trails, and scout for places where ambush or other hazards might impeded a force on the march. They are the forerunners, the eyes and ears of a commander, and they often ride leagues, even days ahead of the main force, leaving only signs on the trail for the soldiers that follow. Outriders must be self-sufficient, able to defend themselves against the dangers of the road, and employ subtlety when necessary. They must have intimate knowledge of the land, and even if its peoples, and use that knowledge to the advantage of the army that follows.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle, Shattered Empire, Southlands, Inner Sea Basin (as Forerider), Fringe Nations (as Harbingers).
Tech. Code: 2, as long as there have been armies, there has been a need for outriders.
Rarity: 4, be they mercenaries or a noble's army, a force needs only a handful of good outriders.
Social Class: 4, with the need for trust, and the threat of violence, comes respect greater than that of a mere warrior.
Fame: 1, highly mobile, and often in foreign lands, outriders are seldom well known, and their heroics often go without accolade.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Animal Training 2 3 3
Awareness 2 3 3
Bargaining 1 2 2
Leadership - 1 2
Marksmanship 2 3 4
Martial Combat 2 3 4
Leather Crafting 1 2 2
Region Lore 2 3 4
Riding 3 4 5
Stealth 1 2 3
Strategy - 1 2
Terrain Survival 3 4 5
Tracking 2 3 3
Wealth 2 3 3
Value 37 73 102

Usual Trappings

  • Soldier's attire.
  • A mount (usually a courser, or good palfrey, sometimes with more regional variants).
  • Tack, harness, feed, brush, blanket, and other mount-care gear.
  • Short or Self Bow with multiple quivers of arrows.
  • A hand weapon, often a curved sword or a leather sap.
  • A polearm, usually a spear or javelin.
  • Quilted or leather armour.
  • Small shield, round or kite.
  • A few days of simple provisions.
  • Saddlebags.
  • Bowl, cup, spoon, and eating utensils.
  • Blanket or sleeping roll.
  • Flint and tinder.