Ozok The Maw

Ozok the Maw, leader of the Ibai of the Roughlands, is easily the most powerful giant on all of Ahlonia, and perhaps not coincidentally one of the largest. Known for his prodigious strength, girth and appetite, all giants revere Ozok and were their disparate kind ever to unite it is certain that it would be under the command of the massive creature known as 'The Maw'. The crowned heads of Ahlonia quake at the idea that one day the Maw may learn ambition.


Ozok is impractically enormous, his immense gut has become the defining feature of his body, and his flab extends to his knees and elbows. Despite this he is immensely muscled, however he totally lacks the powerful grace that characterizes smaller members of his race. His skin has become a pallid grey, and is pitted and pocked. His hair is gone and his head, looking like nothing more than a bubble blown by his immense bulk, boasts deep-set piggish eyes and a vast fanged mouth constantly stained with the remnants of his last meal - usually only moments ago. The Maw's head is completely hairless, and his doughiness even extends here, meaning that the only clear feature of his face is the long dark crack of his hungry mouth. The Maw clads himself in a loose wrap so as not to chafe his flabby body, but he is still discoloured by bed-sores all over. While he might at first seem totally immobile to the onlooker his limbs are easily powerful enough to carry his bulk, though the actual act of rising from his recumbent pose is a complex and time consuming one. When he moves it is without elegance or grace, but also without difficulty.


The Maw's very existence is consumed by his greed, and this may have proven a blessing, for it has limited the scope of his vision. When his belly is fed it is widely believed that the Maw has no ambition beyond the eternal gorging of his belly. However this is not true. In reality Ozok simply has yet to contemplate the idea of owning territory as landsmen or goblyns do, something unique to the orgryn mentality. He takes what he needs, but at the moment his needs and those of the Ibai are relatively simple to meet. However it is the Maws greed that has led him to employ his great cunning. The Maw has seen lands to the west, of rich soil and plentiful water. His cruel mind sees the men in that land as nothing more than labour, and even now he contemplates how much better the lot of his kind might be outside their ancestral homeland. Of course the men are many, and the Maw knows that eventually thousands will overcome hundreds. Still he learns more and more and plots. And he is not far from the culmination of this information gathering - a plan to sweet into the west driving the men before him.


Ozoks necessarily sedentary nature means that his history has been an uneventful one. The largest of his kind born in generations, he was challenged again and again to matches of physical prowess by others of his kind, and when the strongest of his tribe were overcome with ease he was quickly surrounded by supporters who brought gifts to sate his mighty appetites. When the past leader of the Ibai became old and weak it was natural that Ozok challenge him for the leadership of the tribe. When the old leader was dead, strangled in the crook of Ozok's flabby arm, the Maw consumed his remains to mark his ascension. Since then the Ibai have become the mightiest of the tribes of the Roughlands - feared by man, giant and goblyn alike.


The Maw loves nothing better than a good leg of goblyn - like any good orgryn, and yet he happily entertains envoys from the goblyn tribes of the roughlands, and even a permanent contingent sent by the Goblynking. He finds Pachak endlessly fascinating, and both likely see the other as potential pawns in their schemes for conquest of the Isle. The trader Ramgorn Sagtar is also a frequent visitor to the massive pavilion in which Ozok makes his home, and it is said that Raun is welcomed here too. The Maw keeps a body of personal guards perhaps a dozen strong, made up of the most powerful of his tribe, at least four of whom are always in his presence. When he goes abroad these guards bear him on a massive palanquin on their shoulders, straining under his vast bulk.


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Character Traits

I… Hunger (3)

The Maw is driven by gluttony and greed, not only for food, he craves excess in all things. Meat and wealth and fear and respect, he hungers for all, and no volume will sate his hunger. Once he sees something he desires, Ozok pursues it, single mindedly until it is his. This gives him focus, but also blinds him to those plots that do not bar his way.