Pedlar Profession

Pedlars are travelling traders, who carrying both goods and news to small or isolated communities. Essential to life in many such settlements, they bring fine crafts such as pottery or glassware, metal tools, leatherworks, or whatever portable goods they can to communities that do not produce such things. And then they trade, either for similar items tradeable elsewhere, or coin. They will take broken goods if they feel they can get them repaired, and occasionally come into possession of truly remarkable goods when the down-on-their-luck seek a handful of coin. These men usually work alone, or with an apprentice, and often ride a yearly route on their goods wagons, moving between villages they know seek one another's goods. Their coming -like clockwork - is a time of excitement, and even festivity in some communities, not least because they bring news of the outside world.

Regions: All.
Tech. Code: 4, the diversity of a pedlar's stock demands ready access to currency, and to fine craftsmen.
Rarity: 5, though the life of a pedlar is simple, it is also solitary and dangerous, and there is too little to go around for many to share it.
Social Class: 2, pedlars are often richer than the simple peasantry of the lands they roam, and their value is respected.
Fame: 4, a pedlar is often very well known in the towns he frequents, and his coming with news and exotic goods can even be cause for excitement.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Animal Training 1 2 3
Bargaining 3 4 5
Conning 2 3 3
Deduction - 1 2
Region History - 1 2
Material Crafting 1 2 2
Material Crafting - 1 2
Region Lore 3 4 5
Terrain Survival 2 3 3
Vehicle Handling 2 3 3
Wealth 1 2 4
Value 24 51 74

Usual Trappings

  • Travellers' or worn Merchants' attire.
  • Usually a heavy wagon, drawn by one or two draft animals.
  • Blankets, pots, pans, bowls, cups, and other essentials in the wagon (if present).
  • A mule with blanket if no wagon.
  • Usually a stout cudgel or short axe.
  • Always a much stock as he can carry, representing his wealth level +1 in assorted sellable goods.
  • Usually a coach lantern and oil.
  • Flint and tinder.
  • Harness, brush, feed bag, feed, and assorted care tools for animals.
  • A supply of small-denomination currency.