The city of Pelay in Roen is the constant target of raids by the Killing Claw, sitting as it does right on the edge of their range. As a result Pelay is a walled settlement, heavily militarized and protected by a series of stout guard towers along the perimeter wall, with a bulky citadel at the northern gate. The city is stone where it can afford to be to repel fire which raiders are fond of using to sow chaos, and so there is an ugly, blocky greyness about much of Pelay which can make the town seem oppressive, cold and depressing to outsiders. Pelay sits at the heart of a broad flat field of tall grass a few leagues forward of the farmlands of the veldt, occasionally punctuated by low hardwoods, and so even its surroundings make it seem lonely. At night great watchfires on the guard towers light the city a baleful orange, and their light and smoke is often visible long before any structures are.

Region: Ahlonia, The Tresser Veldt, Roen
Total Population: 13,800 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Pelay is laid out with the richer homes and businesses located closer to the defensive positions, and always of stone with clay tile roofs. Squares are seldom broad, and usually surrounded by broad verandas where merchants can take cover from the sun, and from arrows if need be. There are few markets here because business has mostly moved indoors, not that the city suffers from so many raids that outdoor markets would be impossible, but because the mentality of the folk of Pelay is such that they want to make sure their goods and valuables can be under lock and key with as little notice as possible. Thanks to its isolated position Pelay boasts come large, particularly fine inns, the most famous being built over the top of the south gate and firmly into the walls, known generally as the South Gate Inn and being a common place for the Kingsown or Cavaliers to meet, and to press gang drunk locals.

The Doge of Pelay and commander of the city's garrison is Aron Roen, a distant cousin of the Earl, and he answers directly to the Baron of Pelay who has a towering four level home that links directly to the north gate citadel. The Prelate of Pelay is a slight, nervous cleric named Olbren Goll who seems to want nothing more than to return to Southaven, perhaps in a more scholarly position. He runs the modest basilica of Pelay, but tends to ensure that he has enough under-priests to deal with any visitors he may have. As a result holy days in Pelay are considerably less festive than elsewhere in Highdunn.

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