Perca is a small province, with a coastline on the Gulf of Adebowale and the Throat of the North. One of a cluster of smaller territories around the gulf, Perca is known best for the diverse foodstuffs, fine furs, and hardwood timber that its northerly climes and modest population afford it. Close to the capitol, well populated, and of comfortable wealth, Perca has made good use of its unique geography to make the land prosperous and its people comfortable, and though lately raids by groups of rogue reavers have troubled the smaller coastal settlements, for the most part it can be said that life in Perca is good, and its people modest, retiring and comfortable.

Tech Code: 5
Governments: Totalitarian theocratic dominion administered by the Arch-Primate of Perca.
Religions: Imperatry Temple
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages: Low Haedrasian, Cant.
Major Settlements: Argus, Barba, Celosia.


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

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Social Geography

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YED 1910 The Purges see Haedrasian citizens targeting subject peoples throughout inland Perca, especially in Barba.
YED 1919 Present day.

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today In Location…

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