Philip Of Borast

Coming from common roots, the pragmatic, no-nonsense Lictor Supreme Philip of Borast is perhaps most famous as the man who slew an Imperator and lived. Late in his years now, he has seen many madmen expunged from Haedrasia, and he has grown jaded and dispassionate. But he has a single minded and pragmatic devotion to his cause, and though his reign in the Lictor Supreme's trone (or rather directly next to it) has created many fanatical rogue elements within the lictors, he has also brought many into line; uniting the hidden army from a loose amalgam of informants into the world's premiere spy network, and he has taken an active role in hunting and executing rogue lictors who persecute out of overzealous paranoia and misinformation. Still, Philip would be the first to admit that his resources are not so extensive, nor so well organized as they appear.


Utterly bald save for a weak goatee, with a large head; too-small, sunken, rheumy eyes; and protruding ears, the Lictor Supreme appears prematurely ancient. The expression he wears is usually one of tolerant impatience, and his mouth seems permanently turned down into a disapproving frown. There is an economy of movement, and a modesty of dress about the man that speaks to the hard-boiled sobriety of his character. He dresses for comfort. Acts when it seems necessary. Listens closely. And is seldom unable to cut to the heart of matters with blunt economy. However the more observant will notice that his limbs are still strong, wrapped in ugly, functional muscle. His grip is relentlessly strong, and his ability to efficiently and unforgiving manhandle those who make too much of a nuisance of themselves well known.


The Lictor Supreme is a stark contrast to the shadowy and sinister reputation of his order. Speaking to him, one might find Philip long-suffering in manner, and grouchy, but never touched by the impractical emotions like anger or regret. He dislikes pomp and ceremony, and prefers speech to be short and to the point. Efficiency and military precision rather than terror and mystery characterize the Lictor Supreme's reign, and while this has diminished the fearful reputation of the empire's secret police, it has also led to many of the greatest and most famous lictors working totally independent of the Lictor Supreme's authority or guidance. Gruff, and given to aggressive pragmatism, though seldom if ever to any kind of temper, Philip has not made any effort to mend bridges with his most useful agents unless it becomes prudent. Instead he has merely asserted his right to command, and demanded that his orders be obeyed, or the offending lictor be stripped of his authority. In the man's defence the lictors, long unchecked, ruthless, and a power unto themselves, had to be brought into line, and his methods - though seemingly fracturing the lictors - have likely done more good than harm.


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


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Race Male Haedrasian Skills
Age Middle Aged (51) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Lictor (2) skill value speciality value
Faith Imperatry Temple (7)
Class Lictor Supreme (9/8)
Statistics Inventory
Agility 16 weapon attack damage reach
Beauty 14
Constitution 18
Dexterity 22
Endurance 24 armour protection hardness durability
Strength 21 tools skill modifier
Intelligence 22 attire/misc notes
Knowledge 20
Perception 21
Will 23
Wisdom 23
Bravery 22
Charm 13
Leadership 16
Negotiation 13
Luck 18
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior Instinct 2
Natural Athletics 1
Unarmed Combat 1

Character Traits

No Patience for Fools (3)

The Lictor Supreme values his time. He has no time to deal with fools, no time for the delicate footwork of politics, and no time for men who want to talk. He is experienced, decisive, and always keen to get to the heart of a matter. While he can often force revelation with blunt frankness, more often he insults or infuriates. Sometimes to the point of reprisal, despite his lofty station.

Defiance of Expectation (2)

When one thinks of the Imperator's Lictors it is of a shadowy and sinister group of huntsmen, either zealously rooting out evil or fanatically persecuting the common man depending on opinion. What no one expects is an old man, world-weary and to-the-point, who hasn't an ounce of mystique to him, nor a trace of theatre. Frequently, for good or ill, this takes people off guard, leaving them suspicious, or utterly dumbfounded.

Imperator-Slayer (3)

Over two decades later, people still cannot forget that Philip of Borast is the man who took the life of an Imperator of Haedrasia, and saw no reprisal. That makes him a legend to some. A monster to others. And a traitor to yet others. But regardless of what opinion held, everyone has some opinion about that one fateful spear thrust.