Pickpocket Profession

The streets of the towns and cities of the civilizations of Allornus teem with trade, commerce and industry. From the greatest metropolises to the smallest hamlets goods are made and traded and sold, and wherever goods change hands the unfortunate, the lazy and the avaricious wait in deep shadows, in shaded alleys, and in busy throngs for their opportunity to snatch goods or coin from honest folk and run away. Pickpockets have been around as long as civilization, and wherever there are settlements, crowds they can blend into, commerce on the streets, they wait.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle (as Cutpurse), Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah (as Filch), Ancient Duchies (as Jostler), Lands of Chill (as Ratero), Imperatry Plains, Southlands, Inner Sea Basin, Unholy Wastes (as Ratero), Fringe Nations (as Snatch).
Tech. Code: 1, older than the currency they are famed for snatching, pickpockets are as old as civilization.
Rarity: 1, even the smallest of settlements has those who must take to live.
Social Class: 0, pickpockets are usually criminals living rough on the street. They are thought of as little better than beggars or vagrants.
Fame: 1, a good pickpocket keeps a low profile. A recognizable face is undeniably the enemy.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen 1 2 2
Athletics - 1 1
Awareness 1 2 3
Conning 1 3 3
Disguise 1 2 2
Sleight of Hand 3 4 5
Stamina 3 4 4
Stealth 2 4 6
City Survival 3 4 4
Tracking - 1 2
Wealth 1 1 2
Value 27 59 82

Usual Trappings

  • Labourers' attire.
  • Usually a ragged blanket.
  • Often a cup, bowl, or discarded of stolen cutlery.
  • A handful of candle stubs.
  • Rarely a stray pet such as a cat, dog, mungie or rat.