The ancient city of Polwa's (POL-warr) history is uncertain. As long as recorded history is sure, Polwa has sat in the flat savannah it now occupies, and its walls and temples are of such antiquity that few can match them anywhere in the world. Stout, broad walls of granite and limestone are broken by large, rectangular watchtowers with covered battlements. Ornately decorative brace-work, diamond-shaped crenellations, pointed arches, and semi-permanent hoardings of butter-coloured wood around the tops of most watchtowers all make the city distinct from a distance. The tyrant's palace and the great temple of the old divh - now the Imperatry University - both have great onion-shaped domes covered in ancient beaten copper, and tall minarets, surmounted by pointed roofs and narrow surrounding balconies, in the old Kelorn style. Buildings of the same stonework as the wall cluster together with the mustard-brick of classical Haedrasian architecture, and once beautiful gardens have been filled with new construction, and temples to the almighty divh-imperator.

Region: Three Cities, Haedrasia
Total Population: 10,248 at last census
Demographics: Haedrasian 44%, Kelorn 43%, Other 3%
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

Once a centre of learning in the Three Cities, Polwa has the dubious distinction of once being home to the Ma-Len, one of the sinister Kelorn Mage Clans, and so since it has fallen under the yoke of the Haedrasians it has suffered from the constant and concentrated attentions of the Mage Finders, and a large number of that fearful order make their homes within Polwa's walls, seeking out those remnants of the clan that would present a threat to the safety of the Haedrasian citizens.

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