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Physical Geography

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Political Geography

The goblyns of Quikur serve a ruthless regime of powerful, militant kings, and have done for generations. Protected by their mountainous borders and rough terrain, Qilkur is one of the eldest nations of the east. Qilkur has proven able to repel even attacks from the guilds, and so they have turned to recruiting its warriors rather than trying to match them on their own territory.

Social Geography

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Faith and Worship

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today In Qilkur…

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The Sprawling Southlands and the Western Kingdoms
Esterfel Sandour, Irak, Newhone, Kipir, Talrat, Verca, Lebros, Kadar, Zulgar, Qilkur, Maradahl, Azakay, Lamorand, Sipra, Eyat, Usuk, Alare, Zeytin, Braymen Plains
Saldania Ilmarrow, Doraim, Vledos, Kasharyk, Kadoc, Pelos, Bethamzthac, Balica, Karsuk
The Divide Arumthar, The Taurvann
Farland Usdai, Kimmura, Mzrad, Bulghaz, Perapos, Kayaba, Sudar, Sorâne, Hyd
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