Ralstaan remains one of the more isolated languages of the landsmen races, and has scarcely travelled outside of its native land, save as a debasing component of the Irian in Ahlonia's Trade Tongue. Even in its native Ralstaa Ralstaan is broken into four dialects - Dunsain, Lleweith, and Shaeish. Of these Shaeish remains closest to the High Ral from which the modern language evolved, and Dunsain deviates so much that a native Shaeish speaker might struggle to follow a conversation with a Dunsman in their shared tongue!

Ralstaan Conventions

Ralstaan words tend to be vowel heavy, lilting affairs, using many long vowel sounds and silent letters. Vowel repetition, or the addition of an 'h' is a common way to lengthen and soften vowel sounds.

Consonants: d, g, k, l, m, t, y, and ll, th clusters.
Vowels: a, e, h, i, and aa, ae, ah, oh, ue clusters.






and Tuarvael Lleweith



Ralstaan Terms

Aalma - Literally 'mother'. A term of respectful address used for powerful women.
Bai - A Large bay or gulf.
Byrn - River.
Grai - Stone.
Haen - A hiding place.
Ruire - Ralstaa's ruling class, part knight part priest.
Samhar - Respectful term of address, similar to 'sir'.
Tohl - A fortress-city.
Tor - Castle, tower, or fortress that is or was a Ruire's freehold.

Ralstaan Names


Male: Accalon, Adun, Aedin, Aelwin, Aeric, Agvale, Agrane, Agrard, Agryn, Agryval, Agrywyr, Alabane, Alabard, Alabastyr, Alberic, Alabore, Alaboryan, Alabyval, Alain, Albion, Aldar, Allan, Allardin, Alvin, Amalwin, Andard, Anden, Ander, Andore, Andyn, Andyrick, Ansen, Antor, Argante, Arniel, Astien, Avaren, Avril, Baldulf, Balen, Baldun, Balmor, Ban, Banar, Banning, Baragon, Bard, Barnand, Bartel, Barthel, Bedard, Bedivere, Bedore, Bedoryan, Bedyctor, Bedyn, Bedyrick, Bedyval, Belethor, Bendt, Beran, Berel, Bern, Bernard, Birard, Blaed, Braig, Bram, Brand, Bradon, Branor, Cador, Caern, Caldar, Caliborn, Cardoc, Cedran, Ciel, Corrick, Dagonet, Dalan, Dane, Darian, Daric, Darran, Davide, Degaine, Delvin, Dilborn, Donnel, Dorian, Dristan, Dunard, Dunastyr, Dunoryan, Dunyval, Dunywyr, Edric, Edwane, Edwore, Edworyn, Edwyn, Elbert, Evrain, Falco, Faran, Faric, Fearghus, Fenas, Ferrum, Frostien, Gaenor, Gainus, Gais, Galatyn, Garret, Geor, Gondard, Gondyn, Gor, Grif, Gunnar, Hamelyn, Hastrel, Hathrasil, Holt, Howl, Idhdean, Ither, Inwold, Irbran, Jadier, Jarrad, Jedit, Jerian, Kalten, Kardin, Kastus, Kay, Keldun, Kin, Kithin, Krag, Lain, Lanie, Lanceor, Lars, Lewin, Lief, Listien, Lot, Lucan, Luthar, Mador, Marc, Marcel, Moergan, Mordane, Mordard, Mordastyr, Mordorvan, Myn, Noleon, Pant, Pelles, Perane, Perard, Perastyr, Perien, Peristair, Peristyr, Perore, Peroryan, Perth, Peryn, Perynak, Peryval, Perywyr, Peter, Quinn, Raen, Ragnal, Ranier, Relien, Renald, Rener, Reynald, Rion, Riven, Rodane, Rodard, Roderic, Rodistyr, Rodoryan, Rodyn, Rodyrick, Roland, Rowen, Rowley, Ruran, Shaemus, Shanan, Sigar, Sigmund, Seigfried, Stiele, Storm, Stromm, Sturn, Tervain, Theodane, Theodard, Theodyr, Tor, Torsten, Traeg, Traelius, Tristard, Tristastyr, Tristen, Trististyr, Tristore, Tristoryan, Tristram, Tristyctor, Tristyn, Tristynak, Tristyrick, Tristyval, Tristywyr, Troy, Tynen, Tyroen, Uraccen, Urien, Uthane, Uthard, Uthastyr, Uthistair, Uthistyr, Uthore, Uthoryan, Uthur, Uthyctor, Uthyn, Uthynak, Uthyrick, Uthyval, Uthywyr, Unwin, Valemon, Valamir, Varnis, Verick, Vieran, Vortegan, Waren, Warn, Weylin, Ylbert.

Female: Abelle, Adelind, Aditte, Adra, Adriene, Ales, Aeril, Alyssa, Amarie, Aneke, Annabelle, Anya, Arabel, Arbene, Arielle, Arwen, Aurane, Aubrae, Aurnie, Avilon, Avrona, Barbwyn, Barbyvra, Beatrice, Belene, Bella, Belladayne, Belladolda, Belladyna, Belladyssa, Belladyvyra, Bernice, Biene, Blaese, Blaiche, Branwen, Brianna, Cairine, Caleria, Callia, Callindra, Carcette, Carolona, Carolorya, Carolyn, Carolyna, Carolyssa, Celidon, Cienne, Cirina, Clarine, Cundrie, Dabienne, Danae, Danna, Darene, Della, Edre, Edwinna, Elabyth, Elara, Elausa, Elayne, Elisa, Elke, Elona, Elorya, Elyn, Elyna, Elyrrya, Elyssa, Emilia, Eola, Erith, Erline, Estelle, Etta, Evelara, Evelausa, Evelayne, Evelyssa, Fasele, Fasile, Fianna, Frelene, Freya, Galiene, Ghesele, Graine, Gretta, Gwenevier, Gwendolyn, Gwenyth, Gwynabyth, Gwynyn, Gwynyna, Halie, Hedda, Heidi, Helga, Helsin, Helviane, Heniele, Idele, Inga, Ingrid, Isabeau, Isabelle, Isoude, Jaia, Jana, Jeanne, Jolien, Joslin, Julienne, Kaie, Kallin, Kara, Karolina, Katherine, Laela, Laelette, Laera, Laudine, Laurana, Lauriel, Leles, Lielle, Lirielle, Lisette, Lorelei, Loeren, Luciana, Luna, Lyones, Lysara, Lysayne, Lysoa, Lysolda, Mabrel, Malena, Maline, Marelle, Margawise, Marielle, Mariette, Marlae, Marthe, Masalinie, Maurrie, Melidere, Melisande, Mirabelle, Morgabyth, Morgara, Morgausa, Morgayne, Morgyn, Muriel, Nanette, Phebe, Piernette, Raelynn, Rana, Relie, Renae, Rhiada, Rianciene, Ronerelie, Rowena, Sabine, Sebille, Senna, Shannen, Siobhan, Surane, Sybille, Synette, Tara, Telessa, Tieghan, Tryamor, Uaile, Ursanne, Vannyn, Vannyna, Vannyssa, Velda, Vienne, Virene, Vivienne, Voada, Vyctorya, Vyctyna, Ysabyth, Ysara, Ysausa, Ysayne, Ysolda, Ysolde, Ysona, Ysorya, Ysyn, Ysyna, Ysyrrya, Yvara,

Surnames: Most commonly the folk of Ralstaa have no surnames, but there are two circumstances by which they may gain one: first if the family has a famous ancestor then they will identify themselves with that ancestor’s name, for instance the royal line currently bears the name Uth Rallis which they track back to the first son of Rallah, preceded by Uth or Ur depending upon the sex of the relative, Uth for a male, Ur for a female; The second is by achieving some great deed and having a name awarded to you, such as the high-king’s adoption of Highseat. Sometimes these are passed on down generations, but this is rare and considered offensive to the ancestor who actually won the name in most circles. Such names are awarded by the community at large, and generally stick like a formalized nickname.

Written Language


Languages of Allornus
Ahlonia Isle Trade Tongue; Talthakee; Sielish; Giantish
Shattered Empire Irian; Bosk; Huragga; Ghost-speak
Knives of Rallah Ralstaan; High Ral; Fale'An-Heir; Huragga; Raak
Ancient Duchies Ghanish; Gan; Khal Mhul; Vorgan
Bear Tundra Tu'dra-Bachk, Kardesian
Lands of Chill Malish; Low Haedrasian; Arken
Imperatry Plains Low Haedrasian; Cant; High Cant
Inner Sea Basin Vashri; Kelorn; Irian; Khal Mhul; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Kena'ku; Black Tongue
Southlands Kelorn; Irian; Bosk; Low Haedrasian; Bray
Unholy Wastes Drak; Malish
Fringe Nations Havari; Drukah
Others Language of Beasts; Language of Trees