Ramgorn Sagtar

The most prominent goblyn of the roughlands is Ramgorn Sagtar, though he is more famed as a trader than a great warrior, and holds his position not through ruthless cruelty or strength at arms but by showy success. No goblyn would dare turn on such a font of prosperity, and Sagtar can afford to be generous, and buy loyalty. Sagtar’s true brilliance is in his ability to keep his operation on a scale that never provokes Highdunn, yet keeps he and his tribe wealthy and comfortable.


Slim, long-faced, and angular featured, Ramgorn's long, elegantly pointed ears, and pointed nose give the impression of needle-sharpness. He keeps his hair slicked back with perfumed oils, and wears a jaunty cap to enhance the effect, which he finds pleasing. His wide mouth is thin-lipped, giving his smile a sort of self-satisfied leer, and so Sagtar is careful not to show his teeth when he smiles, so as not to offend. Despite a good diet the merchant is as lean as a pauper, but his rich attire fills him out in the right places. He is given to wringing his hands when he is excited, and that habit, alongside his smirk make a fine caricature that those who deal with him ridicule. Always at a safe distance of course, lest it cost them the shirt from their backs.


Sagtar is a clever goblyn, in the mould of Karvs like Gata Skar. Intelligent enough to curb his cruelty and ambition in favour of running a sustainable operation, he has thus far curbed his greed in favour of ease, and his caravan is known and welcome in all but the most orthodox settlements, from the halls of Odo of the Roughlands to the vast pavilion of Ozok the Maw! Ramgorn enjoys soft living, and especially relishes getting one over on his customers in a deal. He will often negotiate hard just for the sake of it, squeezing every concession he possibly can, simply because he can.


Ramgorn Sagtar actually began his life as a tribeless peddler, wandering the roughlands. Raised in a small settlement that mixed goblyns and landsmen, he came to know the ways of both, and his natural talent for haggling, and his determination to squeeze every advantage from a trade, were a credit to him. Before long he was travelling from town to town with local goods, and not long after that he had several peddlers in his employ doing the same, and he himself had a modest caravan. Now he is the head of a ramshackle traders consortium that collects dues from all of the wandering traders of the northern Roughlands - whether they desire membership or not.


Sagtar is known, welcomed, liked, and completely mistrusted throughout the Roughlands, and everyone from the heads of the great giant and goblyn tribes, to the agents of Odo, the Baron himself, Anduin Derrowmere's heavies, the roughriders and the isolated settlements of the far east, and the Margraive of Nashby all welcome the goods, and more importantly the news, Sagtar brings with him. More than once he has been employed as a messenger, and thus far, so long as he is dealt with generously, he has proven discrete. Sagtar has no family of note, has never chosen a mate, and seems to keep subordinates in his service only a short time, but his closest advisor is undoubtedly an old friend named Kish-kish, a strange goblyn who claims to be from beneath the Giantspines. Sagtar's constant protector is the giant Jub, who ready to crush a skull in his vast hands at a wink of his master's eye.


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Character Traits

Best of the Deal (3)

No matter how lucrative an agreement, Sagtar just can't help but push for that one extra concession, or that extra bag of rice. No matter how trivial, he has to demand more, until he has had a victory. These small concessions might add up over time, but they can just as easily sour a good deal.

Welcome in All Courts (2)

By all accounts, Ramgorn Sagtar may not be well liked everywhere he goes, but he brings news from all the obscure corners of the Roughlands, and few can deny that he has a knack for getting what others can't, at a price one might not expect. He can also be gracious when he wants to be, and so he frequently finds himself welcome on both sides of even a pitched battle.