Rarity is a numerical measure of roughly how common a given profession is in the parts of Allornus in which it appears, working on a scale of zero to eleven, and largely serves to indicate how easy it is to find a member of an individual profession in a settled area. While rarity has no specific rule use, and is more a numerical indication of a scale of rarity for comparison only, it could conceivably be used to modify a Luck test when trying to find a member of a given profession. Largely, however, rarity defines a profession's place within a setting, and clarifies how unique an individual is within the context of the world.

0 - Very Common
Very Common professions are those that represent the majority of a region's population. They are often largely unskilled, being cheap labour, indentured labour, or slaves.

1 - Common
These are the professions that are found in even the smallest settlement, usually in plentiful numbers in even modest sized villages. Often these are low-income craftsmen, or work in the major industry of a region.

2 - Uncommon
These professions are a little more irregular, they are those that only appear in large numbers in regions where they are in demand, but a medium settlement might still be expected to have a few.

3 - Very Uncommon
These professions might only be found in ones or twos between medium settlements, though they'll still be abundant in heavily settled areas. Usually they are skilled craftsmen specializing in one field or another.

4 - Rare
These individuals are usually in highly specialized professions that decrease demand, especially in thinly settled regions. Rare individuals are often craftsmen in scarce demand, or with special or rare skills. Multiple such professionals will be found in even small cities, but they are rare in villages unless they are in specific demand.

5 - Very Rare
Very Rare professions are those that people travel a long way for. Even in a small city there is likely to be only a single practitioner of this profession, though large cities or particularly populous regions might still support some competition.

6 - description

7 - description

8 - description

9 - description

10 - description

11 - Unique
Unique professions are not solely those that only have one member, such as a king or emperor, they also include those that are listed as exclusive in the various atlases. In general, there might be a handful of a unique profession, but that handful is a finite number defined clearly by the setting, operating alone or in a small group.