Rasch Pachak

Rasch Pachak, the Goblynking, is the single greatest warlord to arise among the goblyns of Ahlonia. None dare argue that fact, because it is a truth enforced by an iron fist. Rasch Pachak is old by goblin standards, but remains strong and vital. He is the greatest political force in the Forest Kingdom, and even the High Warlock seems to have a grudging peace with his goblyns, and Pachak may even be the greatest military power on the entire Isle. He answers to no man nor goblyn, and his word is law to those who follow him.


The Goblynking is small and stocky by the standards of his people. He remains lean, but very well muscled and his skin is dark. His features are blunt, and have a flat, brutal look, but this does not give him the bestial look of a Caliban, rather he has such a range of expression and body language that no one could ever picture him this way. The most striking feature of the Goblynking is his eyes. They are dark and a brownish orange in colour, but they are large and framed by dark lashes making them almost attractive, and no one who looks into those eyes can deny that a brutal cunning lurks just within them. Even when at ease Pachak remains always poised to kill at a moments notice, as many would-be assassins have learned.

The Goblynking is a great believer in appearances, and always ensures that he wears heavy furs that make him seem broader and stockier. He usually goes without armour, he has no fear that any enemy could get past the Bharvarsh, and even if they did the Goblynking is an equally capable combatant unarmoured, but chiefly it is a show of utter confidence and bravado in a paranoid and violent nation. Pachak also makes sure he keeps the Spear of Galastry and Helm of the Living Sarith, two ancient relics taken as trophies by the Goblyns in ages past.


Pachak is a genius, none can deny that. But his greatest asset is that he is a truly exceptional leader. He is able to appeal to anyone and has a knack for talking them round to his point of view, be it with a tidily placed and subtle threat, a mutually beneficial treaty or the efficient removal of a limb, where his gaze falls those in it feel compelled to bow down. Quiet and calculating, Pachak plays his cards close, every emotion is feigned and every word carries veiled meaning. He prefers to do his own dirty work only when he feels he must demonstrate that he can, otherwise he lets the Bharvarsh enforce his will.

When encountered people are usually surprised to find the Goblynking lucid, communicative and even congenial by contrast to what one might expect given his history. While he is given to dark rages he seldom does anything so crass as warn of his coming wrath with a show of anger, and many of his enemies have died with Pachaks words of welcome ringing in their ears. Still, he is not given to needless brutality, and has even welcomed diplomats from his landsmen neighbors, albeit futilely. The only crack in this mask is anyone who makes mention of the old Goblyn faith. Pachak has outlawed the worship of the goblyn divh, or any divine being for that matter, and anyone pursuing the topic too fervently will quickly find themselves very under savage assault.

The Goblynking sees himself as very much self-made, and this is probably what resulted in his now infamous purging of the Old Way of the goblyns. His resentment of the goblyn faith may have stemmed from defiance of the bones at his birth or it may stem from a belief that the goblyn divh has abandoned him, or even that he was in fact slain as Ettin by the Divhi Koroth. All of these things have been suggested, but Paschak himself remaind tight lipped on his purge, but whatever his reasons the Goblynking rages almost senselessly against religion. He believes strongly in results, not in the predictions of some wise man who has merely watched some inane trick. Paschak’s zeal led him to massacre all of the goblyn yurga, and as a result he is without the recourse of their mystical powers, and without their advice, however most of his people are in awe of the fact that he has not faced any retribution. The prevailing opinion is that were divh indeed real then surely Pachak’s defiance would not be tolerated, and he now enjoys an almost divine reverence for his displacement of the faith.

Pachak’s genius does not merely extend this far though. The Goblynking killed many ‘friends’ and even sworn battle brothers to get to where he is today, and he knows that his strength is equally earning him admiring enemies, greedy and eager to take his post. Pachak is careful to keep his friends at arm’s length, and kill those who he begins to doubt swiftly, often before the idea of betrayal has really cemented itself in their minds. Bordering on deranged paranoia, Paschak trusts next to no one. The exception is the Bharvarsh, his elite riders, most notably commanded by their Karv Hadib un-Dondar. However he also has a distinct sympathy for Mahadmar Kadar of the Killing Claw. Perhaps he assumes that this brute’s tendencies mean that his ambition is limited to the punishment that he can inflict, but the reality is that Kadar’s rise to power very closely paralleled Pachak’s own, and of all of the goblyns of the Talthak it is Kadar who poses the greatest threat to the Goblynking. Still, for the time being the Goblynking’s power is absolute and unchallenged, and now he looks about for an enemy to unleash all his gathered might upon.


Pachak was born the son of a warrior of the Black Eye. His birth was marked by ill portents and the shaman who cast his bones foretold death was near. He was half right. By his third year the young goblyn could wield a knife the equal of any warrior, and did away with the shaman while he meditated. The act was bloody and perpetrated with the skill of a huntsman. Pachak kept him alive while he bled him to keep his meat tender. History documents Pachak’s rise to power better than any monarch or hero in any other land. He came to lead the Black Eye through a series of bloody murders and ritual duels, many of which he can thank his numerous loyal allies for. Then through careful negotiation and the subtle placement of favourable leaders in the most powerful tribes he united nearly every tribe of the Forest Kingdom.

Since then his reign has been a remarkable one, he is said to be undefeated on the field of battle - though many claim to the contrary - and none dispute his abilities as a tactician. But what is remarkable is his ability as a politician. Pachak has a way of turning his enemies against one another, or even against themselves, and relishes making his enemies underestimate him, careful to remind them that they face stupid, savage goblyns while outmanoeuvring them either tactically or rhetorically.


Pachak has no living family, he ensured that the title of Goblynking was not one that would found a dynasty, but rather one that would be wrenched from his dead hands. He has even ordered the death of any children he has fathered. However the Goblynking does keep a close circle of personal guard in the form of the Bharvarsh, or Goblynking's riders commanded by the monstrous Hadib un-Dondar. Pachak knows he has to trust someone or become a paranoid wreck, and so the riders are so well rewarded and kept that they would never even consider betraying their master.

The Goblynking has few personal enemies either, slow to hold a grudge and magnanimous in victory there is one man who the Goblynking will often go out of his way to harass, and meet on the field of battle: Alvin Roen. The Earl of Roen and the Goblynking have never managed to meet in pitched battle, but both man and myr consider one another chief contender at being the finest military mind on Ahlonia, and both are eager to prove it. When the Bharvarsh meet the armies of Roen they abandon their win at all costs philosophy and both armies fight with grim determination toe-to-toe as if proving who is best is more important than mere victory.


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Character Traits

Faith-Hater (3)

The Goblynking hates all yurga, and those that adhere to the old goblyn faith with a burning passion, bordering on the psychotic. He has purged his land of religion, demanding that all goblyns forsake their divh, casting them down as nothing more than superstition. When he finds a follower harbours secret beliefs, or worse still hides a yurga, his wrath is terrible.

Terrible Cunning (3)

Goblyns, by and large, don't put a great deal of stock in intelligence. They respect intellectual skills, certainly, but the Goblynking's cunning is what sets him apart from his forebears, and his kinsmen. Pachak might be overwhelmingly strong, but still he always has plans upon plans. Should he ever retreat, there is always a trap waiting for pursuers. And while his hospitality to emissaries might be surprising to landsmen, he does nothing without ulterior motive.

Keeping Up Appearances (1)

Rasch Pachak is a firm believer in symbols, and appearances. He has worked hard to array himself in reminders of his past victories, and those of other Goblynkings, and to appear at once to be both a goblyn Karv and a landsman King at the same time. He wants everyone on Ahlonia to know who and what he is, and fear and respect him for it.