The most legendary of the roughriders in the roughlands at the moment is the man they call Raun, his ferocious Samsun mount Kush and his mule-mounted dwarf sidekick Ory. Raun rides the roughlands every day, never staying in one place longer than absolutely necessary. Villain or hero depending upon where in the Roughlands one hears his name, Raun has ridden into towns alone and fought off entire bands of enemy roughriders, but he has also ridden onto claims and robbed prospectors of months of gold.


Raun is generally described as tall and spare, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a scarf around the bottom half of his face at all times. They say his eyes are intense, and a shocking green, and one has a vertical scar running over it. His walk is awkward from living and sometimes sleeping in the saddle, and the arms which he has on a banner on his mount are the symbol of a skull impaled on a spear. Tales of his astounding accuracy with javelin and bow abound, and those that call him savior hold him in the highest regard of any man in Ahlonia.


Like most legends Raun's personality varies wildly depending upon whose version of the man you adhere to. It is generally agreed that he is gruff, a man of few words who lets his actions speak for him. One who doesn't dally in one place, but rides into town, stops for a drink, goes about his business and then moves on. Afflicted with a wanderlust alongside a single-minded determination means that Raun remains elusive at best. Some call him a sadist, bandit and agitator, others say he is a hero, saviour and champion of the common man, and which Raun is real may depend upon whether or not you are on the man's good side. What is sure is that he is capable of sudden, excessive and unpleasant acts of violence, speaks little and moves frequently.


No one knows where Raun came from, or who exactly he is. Conflicting legends abound, the most popular of which being that as an infant he was the last survivor of a merchant caravan slaughtered by bandits, and was raised by a mother Samsun. Others tell that he is the son of the spirit of the wind, placed in the Roughlands to learn humility, or that he is descended from the ancient line of bandit-kings who once ruled the Roughlands, heir to their domain. The fact that no such bandit kings seem to have ever existed has done little to quell these rumours. Recently some have said that he was born a giant pup, but never grew to adulthood and was cast from his tribe in shame.


Raun has friends and enemies in all of the isolated towns where his deeds have become legend, but his only real companion is Ory, though none really know from where this odd relationship stems. While a number of influential individuals might number the man amongst their enemies, none are too keen to announce this, as the Roughlands are littered with those who would call him foe. Raun has no family anyone knows of, and few real friends - which probably leads to him being more legend than man in the minds of the people of Highdunn.


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Character Traits

Silent Wanderer (3)

Raun moves from place to place, saying little, letting his actions speak for him, and leaving dead men behind him. He doesn't speak of his motives, and takes only what he can carry on his back. Raun is an enigma, almost a force of nature. People often find his silence imposing, but equally they take his unwillingness to defend himself as weakness.

Hero or Bandit? (2)

No one can quite decide whether Raun is a fearsome robber, or folk hero, and debate on the subject is empassioned, with both camps citing tales of the legend's feats. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between, or perhaps Raun merely does what he wants to, when he wants to. Perhaps even multiple men claim Raun's legacy.

Restless (2)

Raun never stays in one place long. Even with the means to settle down, he invariably moves on when he has done whatever he came to do. Usually he just rides off, with little fanfare, into the rising sun. Many have wondered if Raun will eventually stop, but he seems compelled to just keep moving.