Reaver Profession

The folk of Allornus by and large have little trust for the sea, and though its waters might expedite trade there are always those who would use the perilous and impermanent waters to strike at traders barques and coastal towns, take what they want, and be on their way. These Reavers are the scourge of those who make their lives on or beside the sea. Usually they travel in small bands with their own vessel - a fast moving affair designed to deliver its warriors to unsuspecting shores, and whisk them away again before alarm can be raised. Reavers might steal food or valuables, or even kidnap the young to swell their ranks (though they seldom stay in one place long enough for ransom). In their wake they leave the bodies of those who dared resist their raids - their homes aflame and their livestock scatterd - for that is the way of the reaver. Undoubtedly the most famous of the reavers are the Kardes, whose three-hulled ships terrorize the northern coast of Allornus without mercy or opposition.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle (as Pirates), Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah, Ancient Duchies, Lands of Chill, Imperatry Plains, Southlands, Inner Sea Basin (as Raiders).
Tech. Code: 4, though men have used ships to rob for as long as they have plied the seas, the ability to fare the waves is a young one in Allornus.
Rarity: 5, while they might form into small bands, reaver bands are generally rare, for their territories are vast and their appetites oft unchecked.
Social Class: 1-3, though they are outlaw and criminal, reavers do hold station amongst their own kind.
Fame: 2-4, a band of reavers cultivate a fearful reputation, for terror makes men less likely to resist.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Athletics 1 2 2
Brawn 2 2 3
Divination - 1 1
Intimidation 2 3 3
Leadership - 2 3
Martial Combat 2 4 5
Wood Crafting 3 4 4
Swimming 3 4 5
Sea Survival 2 4 6
Unarmed Combat 2 3 4
Boat Handling 3 4 5
Wealth 2 3 4
Value 37 78 118

Usual Trappings

  • Traveller's attire.
  • A knife, dagger or leather sap.
  • Sometimes a hand weapon, usually a boarding axe or cudgel.
  • Sometimes a quilted leather jerkin or coat.
  • Usually a length of heavy rope.
  • An oiled sack.
  • A waterproof cloak or overcoat.
  • Usually a blanket.
  • Rarely a small boat, coracle or skiff.
  • Sometimes a bag or strongbox of stolen trinkets.
  • Rarely a needle and thread for closing wounds.