Reküm Mage Clan

The brothers of the Reküm Mage Clan have proudly and studiously embraced the study of magic, with methodical and scholarly devotion and method. The Reküm, unlike the Chalarn and Manku, have ceased to seek out magic, but rather work hard to forge the magic that they have in their vast scriptoriums into something reliable and safe that can be turned into a tool. Whether their goals are altruistic or selfish remains to be seen, but their attitude to magic is radically different to that of any other mage clan, either those remaining or past.

Membership: 201 Brothers
Master: Otyk the Unyielding
Home: Reküm Bastion, Kel Saratose
Colour: Green
Element: Earth
Speciality: Manifestation


The Reküm see their role as twofold, first they see themselves as custodians of the lore that they have collected, responsible for keeping it, and striving to understand it for future generations. Long ago they realized that the search for lore was preventing them from making use of what they had, and were faced with the decision to either destroy their archives, or delve into them. But the Rekum have also developed close ties to Kel Saratose, and while they have never involved themselves in the internal politics of that land, they have proven more than willing in the past to wield their considerable powers to keep its borders.

Though the Reküm keep the location of their vaults a secret, many still manage to track them home, and petition them for their aid. The Reküm never acknowledge these petitioners, and if they become too obnoxious the brothers are not above using lethal force to drive them off. Few stay long once they realize that they will meet stony denial, or terrible retribution for their efforts. Occasionally when a guest comes with something of true value, however, he will be invited in and offered aid if he proves benign.


The Reküm think little of any kind of uniform except on formal occasions. Most of the time they wear whatever suits their work, brown sackcloth robes being common, but on formal occasions they don long, voluminous, open-fronted gowns of deep green over black robes, and bind them, still open at the front, with a cloth belt that indicates rank and powers that the magician has mastered. A simple black skullcap is also required, but many brethren choose to go barefooted because this was once a requirement, so as to be in touch with the earth below. Now this is considered unnecessary, but many respect the old ways still.


Having retired from the seeking of new lore, the Reküm have changed their organization from that standard for most mage clans considerably. Every one of the two hundred brothers is devoted to poring painstakingly through mystic lore, with perhaps a third methodically cataloguing materials that have gone previously unexplored. Meanwhile the rest of the brothers occupy diverse casting rooms, laboratories, and large iron chambers in the heart of the vaults, where the take materials that have been thoroughly catalogued and researched, where they meticulously plan the testing of chants, rituals and artefacts, taking every precaution possible, and noting their results. Alchymic apparatus measure the presence of elemental energies, and sensitive animals watch for intrusions from the shadow world. When the Reküm have the opportunity to discover a new precaution or method this is the only time they can be persuaded to add to their archives, unless they are specifically gifted a book or item for safe keeping - a rare event indeed.

Notable Reküm

The iron disciplined landsman Otyk the Unyielding leads as Primarch of the Reküm, and ultimate example of the restraint and responsibility that they must exercise. Laisu en-Baba, the Gatekeeper of the Reküm Bastion does his best to both keep the location of the Reküm stronghold a secret, and to keep the few bickering petitioners who find their way there away. He is also charged with keeping the vaults secure, and unbreachable. Manon the Wise, the Lorekeeper of Reküm, meanwhile, is charged with the contents of those vaults. He alone knows exactly what lurks in the bowels of the vast structure, and how dire their charge is.

The Nine Kelorn Mage Clans
Active Chalarn; Manku; Reküm
Historic Büren; Chelenari; Duräd; Ma-Len; Numidir; Pachar;