Remhi of Hallufport

The Patrician of Hallufport is a crusty old goblyn, and with his venerable years has come cunning. Remhi is not the finest ruler Hallufport has ever seen, but he looks poised to be one of the longest lived. During his long reign Remhi has seen great fortune, and his lifestyle reflects the wealth to which he has become accustomed. Lavished in torrents of jewels and gold chain and silken finery, his frail frame looks ready to buckle under his own fortune - but he is glad to heap on his showy success to remind everyone of just how much power and influence he wields.


Ancient, thin, frail, bent, and wrinkled, Remhi's skin is grey where once it was green. Sagging bags hang under his eyes, a large broad nose and pouchy cheeks mark his many years. Given to wearing dark green or purple robes, the Patrician of Hallufport may have once been handsome, with his dark-eyed gaze and jutting black beard curling from the point of his chin. Now the eyes are becoming milky and the hair is white as dirty snow. Claw-like hands shake and a high, cracked voice wavers where once there were a strong grip and rich tenor. Still, there is a gleam in the Patrician's eyes that hints that he is still in control of his faculties.


In his old age, the Patrician of Hallufport has become devoutly religious, perhaps out of fear for his immortal soul. This has led to a wave of zeal sweeping the city, as every other day seems to mark some religious ceremony or another. Perhaps Remhi's fear of the end comes from his having so much for which to atone. In his younger days Remhi used his vast wealth and influence to indulge himself, living in outrageous opulence with all he could possibly desire at his fingertips, and that Remhi still breathes, often leading the Patrician to place fasts or sacrifices of goods on the calendar of the city and then failing to observe these rites himself. The Patrician chides himself for such failings, but when temptation looms again he usually forgets his contrition. Remhi has a tendency for insular caution. He mistrusts everyone, and frequently accuses strangers of being assassins or spies. When he is truly convinced that this is the case punishment comes swiftly and without trial. However Remhi has survived at least as many plots against his life as he has killed innocent or imprisoned men.


Descended from Vashrite stock, Remhi's family have lived in Camar for generations, though he is the first of their number of much note. Almost half a century ago Remhi was merely a captain of the palace guard, serving the previous Patrician of Hallufport. However opportunity presented itself to the young goblyn when, as bodyguard to the Patrician, he was approached by a group who wished to poison the city's corrupt and warlike ruler in order to elect a popular replacement. Remhi agreed to do so on the condition that he be proclaimed regent until a lawful election could take place amongst the nobility of Hallufport, to ensure his own safety as the slayer of the previous ruler. The conspirators agreed, eager to distance themselves from the murder, and used their influence to ensure that once the patrician was dead Remhi would both confess to the murder, and usher in the new regime, whereby becoming a folk hero. Remhi killed the patrician in his sleep, and was duly named regent. Then he simply never held an election, and the longer he ruled the more people started calling him patrician. The conspirators were unhappy, but after Remhi had several killed on charges of treason, most left the city quietly.

Remhi survived numerous assassination attempts himself over the years, but having plotted as an assassin he has been able to anticipate every move against him, including many imagined, and now even his opponents seem content just to wait out the ancient goblyn. During his rule Remhi has retracted the port's borders more and more, caring only for the city, and abandoned many of the towns traditionally protected by Hallufport. This has made the city poorer than it might have otherwise been, but sea trade still keeps Hallufport strong and influential regardless of how much its citizens must pay for outside goods.

In recent years, seeing his end draw near, Remhi began inviting priests to Hallufport to establish shrines and temples in return for the promise of their divhi's favour. He surrounds himself with influential priests, trading blessings for lavish gifts, and hungrily seeking more and more divine patrons to guide him through his afterlife, favouring those who promise great reward in the afterlife.


Remhi dislikes and distrusts Hamat of Dosa, and even Sinan of Rendor has fallen foul of the patrician more than once, interfering in his business when the three should have equal rights. Remhi firmly believes that Hallufport is the greatest power of Camar, and that the other two patricians should bow to his obvious superiority. He changes his guards and servants frequently on a whim, but the constants in his court are the priests Hargruw and Griltig, both of whom court the patrician's favour with lavish promises on behalf of their divhi. Remhi has survived three wives, and at present is wed to his fourth, a youthful goblyn named Sharla, who he distrusts immensely. While she has not borne him any children, he has eighteen from his previous wives. Beshbal, Chogar, Bhors, Urok, Bollem, Malmik, Rhannor, Barolo, Sige, Tashaba, Kalahi, Malrin, Rannak, Araak, Khorasan, Jeliwon, Saba, and Rammon all hold offices within the city, or else running merchant barques along the coast under Hallufport's colours, and while Remhi favours them all against the threat of a popular rebellion, he also refuses to communicate with them directly or allow them into his compound of the palace for fear that they might consider themselves his heirs. And indeed, many do.


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Character Traits

Hard to Kill (3)

Remhi has survived countless attempts on his life, and he has become cautious. Any plot against him at this stage would have to be clever indeed to circumvent his numerous protections and cautions. Of course, to many this is mere paranoia, to Remhi knows he is playing a dangerous game, and every dice with death he wins only galls the would-be usurpers all the more. Many believe that the Patrician of Hallufport simply refuses to die, where most men would not have a choice.

Divhi Save Me! (2)

Remhi has become devoutly pious in his old age, to any and every divh he can find that does not completely turn his stomach. But it is not a desire to serve nor appease that drives him, but simple self-preservation. The Patrician has done some things in his life that he is sure the divh saw, and he is desperate to ensure that when he slips into the next world there will be an open-armed divine patron awaiting him - despite his frequent oath-breaking and profane offences.