Rendor is a city of tumult. Built to be a metropolitan city of trade, it has become home to a transient military camp as various mercenary bands move in and out of the city to repel bandit raids and attacks from Lodeli military, the mercenaries frequently brawl with one another in the streets, sometimes leading to over-spirited attacks on citizens properties. This has led to many citizens who live near frequent sites of encampment fortifying with fronts of their homes, reinforcing their doors and windows with pieces of furniture, and old tools, giving the city an abandoned feeling. Marks from old blood, or the ruins of a torched home aren't uncommon. Around the outer reaches of the city fortifying earthworks and crude, vicious palisades only reinforce the feeling of danger.

Region: Camar, Inner Sea Basin.
Total Population: 8,660 approx.
Demographics: 67% Kelorn, 27% Goblyn, 4% Hobgoblyn, 2% other.
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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