Rhindurs Prophecy

This is the translation penned by Bevile the Sage of Rhindur's Prophecy, an enigmatic piece of prose carved roughly on the stone gates of the fallen city of Kerispur in the Broken Kingdom. It seems that the prophecy dates from some point immediately following the collapse of the mighty sky-city, and most scholars believe that it refers to the reunification of Arumthar.

Insofar as I have been able to translate the text, Rhindur’s prophecy is broken into five parts and reads as follows:

Part in the First: The Curse
So has the evil come to drive out the line of the king, and so shall one of the line of the king drive out the evil. This one shall be born to death in a land close to the sky and learned in the craft of 'Sholt', and he shall bear the mark of the king and the curse of the line.

Part in the Second: Water and Stone
When this one is come of age there will be a journey over land and sea to the land of the birth of the line. The trouble of a people must be solved and a path through another world must be found in order to pass into the halls of the one’s ancestors.

Part in the Third: Remembrance
Those who have long served will meet again, and doubt will be sown amongst their number. A battle will begin and allies gathered, but friendship will be repaid with crimson oceans and forgiveness will be spared. A light in the deepest bastion will be extinguished, and the king’s rock will be felled again.

Part in the Fourth: A Path
At the time of greatest darkness a path will be revealed, a new strength will be found and a sword and sceptre will be wielded with equal and indiscriminate wrath. The enemy will feel the deep bite of this first wound, and his bitter tears will fill an ancient sea. The end lies only in damnation. Salvation waits in the clouds above.

Part in the Fifth: The Final Battle
As one enemy falls to rest a new one will arise and old allies will be forgotten. But this new foe cannot be felled by the hand of mortal man. My eyes cannot foresee this battle’s end, but a great weapon will be revealed and employed.