River Thair

The River Thair and it's numerous promontories is easily the most trafficked inland waterway in Highdunn. Flowing through five different burroughs, from the Mainburrough Hills in Talinburrough and Mainburrough through Midoweburrough and Keinburrough down into the royal burrough and past the capitol city of Thairon, past the Teryth Forest and into the Teth Bay. The settlements of Midowe, Keinburrough and Thairon are all major ports along the river, but countless other riverside hamlets exist along the Thair, relying on its fish and its water and the trade barges that travel up and down it for their livelihood. Suitable for seafaring vessels up to Keinburrough, the Thair is known for grounding large vessels on submerged sandbars further north, and so only smaller vessels and oxen-drawn barges take goods further north.