The so-called Drake of Ahlonia, the fearsome Roäk-n-taka is more legend than a creature of any substance to the folk of the Isle. So long has the creature slumbered that only the siele remember a time when it was last roused, but in recent years the creature has shown signs of returning from its drowsy stupor and has had days, perhaps even weeks of waking activity. It has even been sighted in the skies over the northern coast of Reddown. Some say that the Roäk-n-taka active now is just a descendant of the creature that once bore that name long ago, but others point out that there would certainly have to be more than one for there to be descendants, and also that the creature seen has the long white stripe on its underbelly that legends describe the creature having in the ancient past. Roäk-n-taka, like all of his kind is usually seen over the sea, and many Sigarder vessels have reported sighting a huge dark shape briefly blotting out the moons on clear nights. If this is the case it is certain that soon Roäk-n-taka's appetites will return to their old patterns of sinking ships in lightning raids from above and taking whole herds of goats and cattle in the night.