On the western side of the Icari Desert, and the eastern tip of the Gulf of Adebowale, Roetia (row-EE-shuh) is an expansive and diverse land. Spanning many-hued, arid sands, to darkly foaming waters, to resolute woods, bare-pated hill country, plains enshrouded by the dye-straight crops of the Haedrasians, and prairies that sway to the drum of exuberant hooves, Roetia defies what outsiders imagine when they think of the interminable, relentless flatness of the Imperatry Plains. And proudly its people revel in the beauty and variety of their home.

Tech Code: 6
Governments: Totalitarian theocratic dominion administered by the Arch-Primate of Roetia.
Religions: Imperatry Temple
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages: Low Haedrasian, Cant.
Major Settlements: Avion, Cattrim, Gaius, Gartolinus, Glantanus, Imali, Kuromori, Kwabina, Lortellis, Melay, Saprisa, Sonas, Umbrith, Vasola


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The Imperatry Plains of Mighty Haedrasia
The Frozen North Cosarian Islands, Perca, Lekia, Illyum
The Ghan States Khalavic-Ghania, Trazdek-Ghania, Dragolchok-Ghania, Royal Haedrasia
The Central Flats Haedarium, Icarium, Lukaria, Haedrasia and the Unchallenged City, Roetia
The Drak Frontier Black Ice Bay, Maldrakaneum, The Salt Flats, Turana
The Kelorn Districts Gamon, Marisarn, Cal-Tolun, Trodur, The Three Cities
The Southern Soldatry Pannonium, Sacraminium, The Bair
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