Rowenna Soeromel

Better known as the Scarlet Witch, Rowenna Soeromel is the court magican of Odo of the Roughlands. Perhaps most famed for her brief but passionate and well known love affair with Willem Cole, the Scarlet Witch is also known for her uncanny ability to move from one place to another at impossible speed. It is said that she once went from Daultin to Thairon overnight, and that she keeps in regular contact, and company with all of her fellow pupils. But there is a pall that hangs over Rowenna even now. After her close association with the Sarith, no one seems quite ready to trust her again.


While her charms are legendary, the Scarlet Witch is no great beauty. Though her features are fine and feminine, her posture noble, and her figure womanly, she has a prominent brow and square chin that bar her from being truly stunning. Still, anyone in her presence perceives something irresistibly alluring in her. Perhaps it is the lure of her power or her fame.

Rowenna has long jet black hair that she keeps tied in a tight bun, unfurling its lustrous length, which is near to her knees, only to gain the greatest effect. As if to maintain her magicians identity she wears only clothes of red, often with embroidered cloth at the hems, and always drawn in at the waist and hips to display her slender figure.


Rowenna can be one of two very different people depending on her mood when she is encountered. The first is charming, courtly, but also flirtatious sometime bordering on, but never entirely becoming inappropriate. She is quick to smile, quicker still to laugh, and her voice is like a bell. While this is her normal mood, some doubt that it is anything more than a fa├žade she adopts to ingratiate herself and put people off guard. The other Rowenna is serious, stern, even dire. She snaps orders, can be overly imperious and extremely self-righteous. This Rowenna is seen more seldom, only when she is tasked with some important mission or other or if her sunny demeanour is severely taxed. When she adopts her second, less cordial manner her tongue is sharp and she is quick to take insult or return one, and as deft at knowing what words will bite deepest as she is at knowing what compliment will give the greatest thrill.


Rowenna began her life as a street urchin, little more than a beggar on the streets of Lierkist. Though she has never said so it seems that she was at the very least a cut-purse, or of some worse criminal persuasion, however those who would know such things are long since dead. She was discovered and taken in as a child by the last court magician to serve the conquered nation of Sigard, the vaunted Maddigan the Brown. Maddigan must have seen something in the young girl, for while she was still a child he petitioned the Warlock to accept her as a pupil. It took some time, but eventually he did, and Rowenna was taken into the tower. She was there for almost a century, and when she emerged Rowenna was a young lady, and she arrived at the court of Eldric of the roughlands, the first magician to serve in that domain.

However only a few years into her service Rowenna encountered the cult of the Black Sarith. Told repeatedly to stay away, and that he was evil, a traitor, an more importantly that if she did brave his presence her will would be forever lost to him, the mystery, so close at hand, was impossible to ignore. Rowenna met the Black Sarith atop his tower, and whatever it was he saw in her, he chose, for the first time ever, to take a lover. She was gone from the roughlands for two decades, and all despaired that she was now a servant of Cole. But as quickly as she went she returned. She won't speak of what transpired between she and the Black Sarith, nor of how she alone was able to escape the pull that a thousand stronger men have fallen to forever, but she returned to the Warlock's tower to make amends, and then to her post in the roughlands as if that chapter of here life were a mere footnote.


The comings and goings of the Scarlet Witch's relationships have been a matter of close scrutiny for many of the notable individuals of Ahlonia since her storied association with the Black Sarith. It is said that even now she can go as an envoy to Cole's tower without fear, but she has certainly made it clear that her allegiances lie with her enigmatic master and her fellow pupils. It seems that the Warlock has accepted her back into the fold, but his motives remain as mysterious as everything else about the man. Some whisper that perhaps it was his plan to have her spy on Cole all along, others say she paid a terrible price to return to the Warlock's good graces.

Rowenna is at Odo's call whenever he requires her advice, and her uncanny ability to move from place to place makes her a valuable envoy or spy when Odo requires such services, although he wouldn't dream of abusing the lady's abilities by overtaxing her, and only calls on her in times of dire need. Otherwise Rowenna keeps a large household of servants at her estate, and the head of the household is a demure elder named Boran. He has been in Rowenna's service for many years, and is both fiercely loyal, and well enough trusted to manage her entire household unsupervised. Oddly Rowenna is also very close to Garrin the White of Highdunn, and of all of the students of Skyreach, or all mean in general, she is the only one who can always guarantee that Garrin will receive her without hesitation whenever she arrives at Thairon.


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Character Traits

Lover of the Dark (3)

No matter what Rowenna does to prove herself, no one seems to be able to forget her ties to the hated Black Sarith, or entirely forgive her youthful indiscretions. Even her closest allies don't entirely trust Rowenna, everyone wonders secretly if she is still under the sway of Cole - a not-so-secret agent amongst the ranks of his enemies.

Mirth and Wrath (2)

Rowenna is prone to extremes of temperament, being either charming and eloquent, or scathing and caustic, depending upon how severely taxed her patience is. They say that when the Scarlet Witch is gay, none can resist her charms, but when she broods she can reduce a man to nothing with a word.