The largest of realms of Esterfel Sandour (SAND-our) dominates the western point known as the Sandow Arm, and has a sizeable coast on the busy Bair of Suirene, reaching all the way back to the Jacarti Mountains. As a result it is a cultural melting pot, an economic bastion from the tithes and sanctions of Haedrasia and a den of smugglers, outcasts and (perhaps most dangerously) ambitious men and women. Such a gateway to the west is Sandour that is should be no surprise that the Six Guilds have come to dominate that land reducing its rightful rulers to little more than figureheads and maintaining at least the appearance of a truce about the golden plains and teeming coasts of Sandour.

Tech Code: 7
Governments: Oligarchy under the Assembly, Monarchy under the Kings of Sanday.
Religions: The Sanday Temple of Sera.
Industries and Trades: Spices, shipbuilding, gold, gems, fisheries.
Major Terrain: Flatlands, Mountain, River, and Sea.
Primary Languages: Kelorn, Low Haedrasian, Irian.
Major Settlements: Benwik, Selbach


Physical Geography

A sprawling land of sandy coastland and rugged sun-bleached plains, many would consider the mild climes and sapphire waters of Sandour idyllic.

Political Geography

Being the largest and most cosmopolitan of the realms of the east, one might naturally assume that Sandour is also one of the most powerful, but so prevalent is guild corruption and influence that the actual ruling regime here are little more than well-decorated figureheads, unable to even accept the bribes of the various guilds for fear of angering the others. Sandour is traditionally ruled by two hereditary kings (descended from a pair of twins in the ancient days of the nation), who must share rule of Sandour. To mediate between the two, and manage any conflicts that may arise, the Assembly is an oligarchical council that conveys and interprets the edicts of the Kings. In order to enact a command either King must go before the Assembly, and issue it there, to have it enacted by the Assembly, who control the royal treasury and most civil institutions. Only in times of war can the Assembly be bypassed, and only the Assembly can vote a state of war. The problem now is that the guilds, far to the west in Sipra, have the controlling majority of the Assembly in their pay. Thus Sandour, once a behemoth of the Sounthlands, is now securely bound in its own system of government.

In reality, then, it is the six guild-appointed overseers who wield true power here - each representing the interests of one of the guilds but each working with the others to dominate Sandour. It is not uncommon nowadays for the Kings to go, practically on bended knee, before the overseers, or for members of the Assembly to openly acknowledge them as their overlords. The only place the guilds have not managed to penetrate is into the state faith, where the two kings remain chief priests, with a priesthood beneath them independent from the Assembly. Unfortunately the temple of Sandour has never been wealthy, or wielded much influence, but it affords the Kings a loyalty and relevance that keeps them from being utterly dethroned and disposed of by the Assembly, and gives them at least the trappings of absolute monarchs.

Social Geography

Having the only friendly coast on the Bair, with the goblyns of Qilkur being an unfriendly port to any who try to land on its rocky shores, Sandour is a buzzing hub of trade like few lands anywhere else, and irians and haedrasians are as common a sight here as kelorns and goblyns, and even hobgoblyns, mhulak, ralstaans and malorns aren't uncommon enough to attract much attention. In fact so concentrated a hub of trade is the eastern coast of Sandour that it likely has the busiest ports in all the world. But this also means that smuggling and piracy is rife.

Faith and Worship

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Races and Nationalities

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

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Today In Sandour…

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