Sean Uth-Rallis

Introverted, studious, soft spoken and intense; the warrior-philosopher Sean Uth-Rallis is the eldest of Carin’s three children but he has a strange combination of childish youth and venerable wisdom about him that strikes all who meet him. He seldom speaks and when he does he is concise and germane and his soft voice carries barely above a murmur. Most of the Aetheling Prince’s life has been spent travelling the land of his ancestors observing the world and drawing what lessons he can from it, and his strange and profound, and often poetic philosophies of what it is to be a prince and a warrior mark him as both wise and temperate. He seems completely without pride, or vice and people either are immediately in awe of him or else deeply suspicious.


Sean is of average height and build, his appearance suggests more the scholar than the prince, but his bearing, the way he moves and the way he never averts his gaze from anything or anyone has a nobility and a sense of presence that few men can duplicate. He always dresses simply but with great care, and usually in the fashion of whatever region he travels through. He wears his golden hair at a modest length and seldom wears anything of value on his person. His face has a soft kind of eternal youth, his jaw is square but the rest of his features are long, level and appealingly placid and the even gaze of his golden eyes is almost unnerving. Sean has a birthmark resembling the head of a bird of prey on the rear left hand side of his neck, generally considered to be a mark of regality and pride, he tends to hide it whenever he can.


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Like his brother, Sean departed Tohl in the interest of proving himself to his father, but he found the High Kingdom of Ralstaa was not what he thought it would be. Tutored by the Selaerin Grand Master Tygorn he went out into the world to rediscover who he was, and what it meant to be a prince and to be a warrior as his forefathers had. Since he has dabbled in religion and philosophy and studied the thinking of countless learned men, but for the most part he has found fulfilment in simple acts of charity to aid his fellow man. He travels from town to town, performing acts so simple that no minstrel will ever sing a ballad of them. Helping dig a well here, a dam there, helping people who have little to improve their lot and defending them from the injustices that men who misuse their power visit upon them.


Sean is accompanied wherever he goes by a small band of former pirates led by the once infamous Devian Blacksword whom he bested in single combat then set free. Blacksword was so impressed that he swore an oath on the spot that his life belonged to Sean and that for as long as he lived he would use it in his service. He and his small band have followed Sean and served him with unswerving loyalty and tenacity since. Devian is a lean, powerful man in his late twenties with ropey muscles, long dark-blonde hair that he wears over his face, savagely handsome features, dark eyes and a long ugly scar over his left eye and on his right cheek. He wears a bandanna tied over his left eye, which he is nearly blind in. He is much impressed by the Prince but has little time for other nobility and tends toward being intentionally offensive and openly hostile, though he would not dream of openly harming his Prince’s peers. He remains utterly devoted and obedient, and is legendary for his skill with the two short curved blades he wields, as well as for the treasure he is said to have hidden somewhere along the coast south of Caldare.


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