Sedric Daultin

The current Earl of Galastry is Sedric Daultin, Chairman of the Earls' Council and bearer of the Galastry standard. Sedric is the central power of all of Reddown and he knows it, and while he knows well the consequences of exploiting his post, he none the less feels proud, and not a little smug at this. Sedric came to his Earldom as the eldest son of his line. His father Willim died in his fifties and Sedric assumed the mantle as smoothly and graciously as any can remember. Since then his rule has been even-handed and able, and Galastry has grown like it hasn’t in generations.


Sedric is a man in his middle years with square handsome features, intense, deep set, dark eyes, a brow furrowed with careful thought, a hooked nose and thin, tight lips for keeping secrets. He wears his dark, glossy hair loose and windswept under a modest circlet of office, and his beard is short, tidy and equally glossy. He is always careful to appear pleasantly nonchalant, but every detail is meticulously planned and arranged, from the seemingly careless wave to his hair, to the cavalier way he flings his robe as he sits, or the absent-minded way he handles his gold. His attitude is similar. What may seem an offhand comment or jest has carefully planned implications and reception. Sedric’s voice is his proudest quality, a deep, rich baritone seemingly designed for public speaking, and also enchanting when he is persuaded to sing.

"The council is as ancient a body as Reddown itself, and has rules since before my ancestors entered the exulted annals of history. I would not, therefore, presume to propose that centuries of history could be a mistake. But when we look to the east but one head bears the crown, both man and goblyn, and even in our most precious and revered church but a single head leads. Even the dioune, so the eastern dissidents tell, is but a single will. Perhaps the mechanism of this council is slowing our advance. I do not presume to recommend the dissolution of this proud council in favour of a mere king, that would plunge us into fruitless conflict, but if we were to extend the duties of the chair surely that could only prove beneficial to this council's ability to react to a changing world."

  • Sedric Daultin addresses the Earls Council, 1480 HC.


Upon first impression Sedric is of striking intelligence, witty, approachable but at the same time noble and sober, but he never says nor does anything without motive for his own gain. His steely intellect is second only to his incredible ability to lead other men's hearts and minds in whatever manner he chooses. He will lead by command or by example, whatever the situation demands. Women find some mysterious appeal in him and few men can resist having a degree of awed respect at his courtly demeanor and striking presence. But aside from his charisma, Sedric Daultin is also able to judge a situation, or and individual in an instant and at a glance, and he is seldom if ever wrong. An avowed student of human nature, there is little Sedric cannot discern in a seemingly idle conversation, and those who think his questions mere innocent small-talk quickly find he gleans knowledge they never intended to share.


Sedric Daultin is a remarkable man with a relatively unremarkable past. Raised in Daultin, he was sent to study under an entire staff of professional tutors at the university in Southaven when he was only five years old. Here Sedric excelled, and proved intelligent and able at any academic task his masters set him, he proved especially talented in diplomacy and negotiation. Seven years later he pursued a brief military career in Marratharn and Tireste before entering the service of the Kirshire elite infantry forces and served as their commander until his father’s death. However Sedric's passion seems to have always been for gold, and he spent a great deal of time in the treasuries of Daultin discussing matters of economy with the exchequer. His silver tongue seems to have developed entirely of it's own volition. When Sedric took the position of Earl he also accepted the hereditary title of chairman, and with it, as Daultin sees it, the ability to make a King in Reddown, but never to be one. Since taking the throne of Galastry Daultin has worked tirelessly to control the flow of gold through Reddown, he cares little for controlling the gold itself, just the ebb and flow of the economic landscape. And to date this has made him powerful indeed.


Rumour links Sedric politically to half a dozen of the most prominent figures on the isle. Indeed he maintains a generally cordial relationship with all of his fellow Earls. Of course Boer Marrath is loyal to Galastry as sovereign as his line have for generations, but Galastry enjoys a close relationship with Dane Dain and Sedric Kir-Toleman as well. In addition Noel Wern remains a strong supporter of Daultin when he can be persuaded from his home. Conversely Jarien and Shannon Vaun, and Sherevon always oppose Daultin as much by tradition as anything else, and Martel Forthest and his allies in Havisham tend to try to temper Daultin's ambition with his absolute faith in the Council. The more expansionist, progressive Earls in Pieter Tolbren and Carel Terr meanwhile seem content to be overlooked by the more traditional powers.

Sedric was married when he took the throne, and his wife [[Layla Daultin]]] is a handsome, proud woman with a regal presence and a fine pedigree. She has borne him two sons, his heir Darik and youngest Morn, and three daughters named Ellen, Alla and Freia. He has installed his uncle Bardic as exchequer of Reddown's treasury, and while few know who exactly it is known that he has a cousin in the council chamber's guard. However his cousin Lord Adrien Peran has become the most visible of Sedric's kin, currently he is being held at Fort Rotheron for the suspected kidnapping of Serina Reise. It is certain that Sedric won't brook such an insult against his kin for long. Maybe there will even be war when Sedric Daultin and Eldin Reise butt heads.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Middle Aged (41) Skill Points: 221/242
Profession Earl of Galastry (3) skill value rationale
Faith Western Dissident Church of the Dioune (5) Acumen 6
Class Earl (8/8) Awareness 3
Talents Inventory Bargaining 5
Fast -1 weapon cap threshold reach Conning 5
Graceful +0 Bejewelled Dirk 10 4 1 Deduction 2
Hale -1 attire environment Diounic Religion 4
Strong +0 Exquisite Attire Upper Classes Flattery 5
Tough -1 Chain of Office Earldom Politics Governance 4
Intimidation 2
Clever +3 Leadership 4
Insightful +1 Marksmanship 3
Knowledgeable +2 Martial Combat 3
Perceptive +0 Numeracy 3
Wilful -1 Oratory 6
Ahlonian Lore 3
Brave -1 Ahlonian History 3
Persuasive +3 Resolve 3
Forceful +2 Speak Trade Tongue 4
Strategy 8 Political Schemer
Lucky +0 Wit 4

Character Traits

I Will Be King (2)

Sedric Daultin decided long ago that he would be the first to cast out the Council, and rule unopposed. He is sure of it, he expects it, Sedric is utterly certain that he will end his reign as Sedric I, King of all Reddown. This assuredness gives him a supreme, almost tangible confidence, even in the face of adversity. But at times it borders on delusion, making Sedric rash when he should be cautious. Still, he works hard to make sure that, as king, he will have the minimum of enemies.

The Snake (1)

Sedric is clever, persuasive, and above all genuinely believes in the wisdom of any course of action he proposes. Between his conviction, intellect, and ability to present an argument, often he is able to persuade people to his point of view even before they realize they're being persuaded. It is, perhaps, not surprising that his opponents have come to call him 'Sedric the Snake'.