Though many throughout the world ask for her favour, and take her name, few can truly call themselves worshippers of the Divhidre Sen. Even in the time of the Old Way of the Kelorn Empire Sen was never much venerated, though she was oft made offerings by followers of her fellows. Today she is the patron to star-crossed lovers, gamblers, travellers in dangerous lands, and others who cry out for fortune's mercy, but in all the world few have ever seen a temple, shrine, or shred of scripture devoted to her name. Perhaps it is fitting that the embodiment of the Creator's love for its creation (the most fleeting of the aspects) is as elusive and forgotten as that affection. Sen is a force of attraction - she is the bond that draws things together and holds them there. For good or ill.

Names: Sera; Fortune's Spirit (colloquial); Queen of Dice (colloquial); Saisala (Kelorn Pantheon); Seb (Iria and the Southlands); Sarenny (Ralstaa); Anâya (Ghana); Chalice (Southern Haedrasia).
Aspect: Love and Jealousy.
Associations: Love and Lust; Beauty; Fertility; Soil and Earth; Crops; Conception and Birth; Chance and Luck; Crimes of Passion.


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