Serina Reise

The fifteen year old Royal Princess of Highdunn is thought of by most of the nation as something of a brat. At court she is a fashion icon, and young women crowd around her and strive to emulate her. She is a beauty, but she is spoiled, pushy, demanding and has an inflated opinion of her own intelligence. Still the royal princess can genuinely be extremely sweet, and a lot of her negative traits are mere aspects of having to deal with her station. Recently Serina vanished from Fort Rotheron under suspicious circumstances, and is the focus of a manhunt throughout Highdunn and the Forest Way.


To compound Serina’s attitude, she also has a quite justified reputation for beauty and fashionability. Whatever pastime she engages in or wherever she has her gowns made is instantly what everyone else wants to be doing or wearing. The Princess is slight, slender and long-limbed. She has a petite, pretty face with rosey cheeks, large dark eyes and a mane of chocolate-brown hair that she has refused to ever have cut. Because the princess seldom if ever leaves the royal compound her skin is extremely pale, and this exceptionally pale skin and long hair has become popular with all the women of the court, growing their hair out and wearing thick chalk powder on their faces to make them nearly white.


Sheltered and self-important, Serina has spent her life at court surrounded by ladies-in-waiting and by the daughters of lesser noblemen all of whom vie for her attention and favour. She has learned to delight in manipulation and even fancies herself something of a politician because of this, however the princess is far from cruel or callous, merely self-involved. Serina has also learned to be blunt and sarcastic from her father, and has also begun to display his hard-headedness and temperament; all traits that her tutors are concerned will cost her a good marriage. Most people hope that Eldin and his Queen will have a son soon, and the Princess can be married diplomatically rather than in the interests of succession. Despite her self-interest the Princess is fascinated with religion, in an objective kind of way, and her tutors have latched on tho this to teach her mythology for her history and geography lessons.


The Princess his little personal history to speak of, her life to date has been spent in the royal compound of the palace at Thairon either with her tutors learning how to be a lady and how to be a royal princess, or in her personal chambers with her maids and her gaggle of sycophantic young courtiers, who live to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is in the hope of garnering her favour. They have great mock feasts and play at childish games in the courtyards and corridors, and recently have developed a love to baiting the young male servants with their charms then teasing them ruthlessly. Eldin, uncharacteristically soft when it comes to his daughter, puts this down to the mere exuberance of youth.


Despite having many suitors fascinated by the glamor and image of the Princess, none suitable have ever come forward, and Serina has never demonstrated even the slightest interest. In fact, aside from a following of young eligible females from around the court, her tutors, maids and parents Serina has very little contact with the outside world at all. Recently however the Royal Princess has disappeared, apparently kidnapped.


Race Female Ahlonian Skills
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Character Traits

Sheltered (2)

Serina has little experience of how the world truly is, and is too proud to admit it. Thus she pretends that nothing shocks her, and masks her inexperience with bravado - a tactic that more often than not costs her pride dearly.