Shaenian is the individual said to have brought the Ral to Ahlonia and settled them there, and whether one believes the Ralstaan account of the man, or the Ahlonian, there is historical evidence that such an individual existed in the era attributed to him. Little is said about Shaenian in the annals and histories of Ahlonia, as most histories start with his death, though the histories of the Ral describe the same man as a knight sent to conquer territory outside Ralstaa, and lost after his departure from western Ralstaa. Neither account quite matches up with the other, and the truth may never be entirely clear.

Ahlonian History

To the Ahlonian historians Shaenian was the leader of the Raed, the fifth tribe of the Ral, who led them to the shores of Ahlonia. He is the progenitor of the ruling houses of Galastry and Von, though he Galastry line died out with Simon and the Von line has come to be known as the Vauns of Sherevon, however the Vaun blood does directly descend from that of Shaenian himself. Shaenian was a warrior, a poet, and a great leader whose remains are said to be entombed somewhere below the basilica at Harkfal, though which section of the extensive catacombs is his is long since lost. Certainly what survives of his writing or the early writing about him is in High Ral, adding weight to the claim that maybe he was indeed of the Raed.

The legends go that Shaenian led his people the Raed out onto the land bridge towards the Isle of Men a few years before the Sundering, and they were still traveling when he sensed portents of the coming disaster that was the Sundering, so Shaenian had his people build great rafts and lash themselves to them, then they went and braved the wild seas while they watched the land bridge crumble. Many were lost, but eventually things calmed and the Raed made landfall on a broad rocky plateau in the north-west of Ahlonia that would hence forth be known as Landfall. He then gave his two sons Galastry and Von generous and extensive domains in this new land but passed away without naming either his heir.

Ralstaan History

In YED 2613 Shenien Uth-Argan, third in line to the noble house descended from Argan the Seafarer, was tasked by his father with taking a substantial army of knights some two hundred strong from their kingdom in western Ralstaa (likely somewhere in Donnaigh) and leading a war of conquest upon the land over the sea, which seemed unclaimed but for a handful of faerie folk and tribeless landsmen, and carry the light of Rallah with him into a new world, from whence they might hold all of those lands that first felt the tread of man in Allornus.

It took the better part of four years to outfit the party as they would need, and summon men to his banner, not to mention to construct a fleet of longships suitable for the task, but after he had Shenien made ready to sail on the dawn of the very day the final vessel was rigged, swearing that he would depart that day or never. When the day dawned the sea was wild, and the winds savage, but the knight made for the sea anyway as good as his oath, and was never heard from again. Some say he was swept west up the Irian Straits, and eventually wrecked after passing out of the straits into the open sea, on the north-western coast of Ahlonia. Most say that the sea - even angrier in those days - claimed his life.