Shannon Vaun

Shannon Vaun Earl of Sherevon is ruler of one of the great, if declining, ancient powerhouses of Reddown, and is directly descended from the blood of Shaenian, a claim even the Earls of Galastry cannot make any more. While most accuse Vaun of being completely under the thumb of his mother, perhaps not entirely unjustly, he is never the less a skilled and experienced statesman in his own right, and while his mother might be the true power of the Vaun line Shannon will likely step into the role with aplomb when she feels she can step back.


Shannon Vaun is a young man in the early part of this fourth decade. His hair is a rich chestnut and his skin a ruddy tan, and his beard is full and rich. It is the vigour of youth rather than fineness of countenance that gives the young Earl his appeal, as his features tend towards blunt and rudely angular and his face is written shallowly by the pox. Shannon is broad shouldered and heavy set, and while he has had only limited experience as a warrior his physical brawn dissuades any who might challenge the burly Earl. A love of mead and ale keep him beefy and ensure his robes are well filled.


Shannon is an earthy, practical young man, who tends to be to the point and dislikes those who mince words, however he will never let this cause him to forget his courtly manner, and while he may be bored or irritated on the inside his exterior never betrays these feelings. Though when truly provoked the Earl does have a temper, and is more than willing to strike men who truly try his patience. Shannon is a learned man, though not especially so, a warrior though no more than any other Earl, a skilled statesmen but not an exceptional one, he stakes his claim to being more than merely able in all the fields of his rule but excelling in none, and the Earl of Sherevon seems happy with that achievement.


Raised never taking his sight from the throne of Sherevon, Shannon has always known he would be Earl, and he was groomed in that style. His uncle Davin and he were sent to take part in military manoeuvrings in Kirshire and Darrenshire where they were given commands that would give them usable field experience without putting them in too much danger. Shannon was then sent Daultin and then Harkfal to complete the more academic elements of their educations. Shannon was never made aware of how sick his father Godfrid was, and so it came as something of a shock when he passed away suddenly and Shannon was hurriedly summoned back to assume the mantle of Earldom whilst en route to Lierkist to rejoin Davin and learn seamanship and trade under the Guild of Shipwrights. In the early years of his reign Shannon was unsure, and deferred to his mother often, and this seems to have left a lasting impression on the people of Reddown, and even the council. Since then Shannon has proven more than equal to the challenges of Earldom, and despite its seeming decline Shannon has worked hard to consolidate his power base rather than recklessly expand his assets into allies. After all, Lierkist is all but in his power, and with the trade capitol of Ahlonia and the breadbasket of the Earldoms in his power he can hardly be called weak.


The Vaun family is enormous and well positioned, meaning that the Earl of Sherevon is especially well connected in places he can scarcely even keep track of, however easily the most notable Vauns are his immediate family, in the form of his uncle Davin and mother Jarien. He also has two younger brothers and six sisters - Alder, Dern, Ella, Mira], Mariel, Uriel, Ette and Ede, and he has married Gwendolen the daughter of Arn Gond of Gondale. The two have an infant son named Loric.

Conversely Shannon has many opponents, Sedric Daultin is both a traditional and personal opponent, and the two antagonize one another at every opportunity. Martel Forthest and his agent Morgan Havish stand in the way of all progress in the council, as well as doing their best to prevent any kind of expansion by either Sherevon or Galastry. Pieter Tolbren to the north is little more than an upstart nuisance to Vaun, but he has certainly begun to make himself difficult, and it seems that the Earl of Marak and Barven may soon hold a permanent seat on the council. And Shannon has been a very vocal advocate for the council taking punitive action against Henry Shorn for his allegiance with Gata Skar and the Blood Hand.


Race Male Ahlonian Skills
Age Adult (32) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Earl of Sherevon (2) skill value rationale
Faith Western Dissident Church of the Dioune (4)
Class Earl (8/6)
Talents Inventory
Fast +0 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful -2
Hale +2
Strong +1
Tough +3 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +0 tool cap test
Insightful +0
Knowledgeable +0 attire environment
Perceptive +0
Wilful +0
Brave +0
Persuasive +0
Forceful +2
Lucky +0

Character Traits

A Blunt Weapon (1)

Shannon dislikes the manoeuvrings, double-talk and complexity of the council. He is a straightforward man, and while he is no fool, he sees the scarcely cleverness behind every move Tolbren and Daultin take, and longs to cut through the minor matters to get to the major ones at their heart. His frustration at not being able to do this often overcomes him, and makes him say something foolish.

Yes Mother (2)

No one doubts that Shannon's rule is, for the most part, merely nominal. Young, inexperienced, and at times retiring, he is able to hold his own amongst the razor-edged manoeuvrings of the other more prominent Earls thanks to his mother's careful manoeuvring, harsh tutelage, and often her direct instruction. Shannon may one day be the Earl his father was, but until then the lady Jarien will make sure Sherevon does not suffer.