Si-Vonor the Betrayer (?? to ??)

When Marius re-united the Haedrasian Imperatry Templarate in YED 1450 and seized the Unchallenged City from the Fourteen-Hundred he was accompanied and aided by his closest friend and most trusted advisor Si-Vonor the Northerner. Si-Vonor was the bastard son of a Ghanish mystic’s brief encounter with an imprisoned Haedrasian Red House noblewoman. Si-Vonor had been a prisoner of the magocracy at the Blackice Bay for two decades, and prior to that had been a renowned freelance hunter and slayer of magicians throughout the later years of Rage’s reign. He joined Marius’ call to arms in the north and was the first to march under his banner, the two were inseparable and when the Templarate rose from the ashes and Marius became Haedrian it was with Si-Vonor bearing his sword at his right hand. At Si-Vornor’s suggestion the Lictors were re-established, and soon the small and relatively obscure division of the Magefinders, once merely a subset of the Lictors had risen to power over all the Templarate’s secret police, and the rise of these new Magefinders paralleled the rise of the mighty Lictor’s fortress, to challenge even the Eternal Palace in it’s might, neither nobleman nor priest were safe from their accusations and reprisals in those early years.

Sadly, while Si-Vonor’s power grew his treachery did too. During his twenty one years at the head of the lictors he grew to covet magic, he seized many artifacts and tomes of magical lore, he began to collect the skulls of his foes and ensorcelled them that their unliving souls were trapped forever within them, forced to answer his every question. His lust for power became an obsession and eventually it culminated with his attempt to summon and bind the Baalfr foe of the Divh-Imperitor, Moroth in order to ply the creature’s abyssal knowledge. Enraged by the presence of his foe so close to him, the Divh-Imperitor sent his paladins against the fortress, and its prideful walls were as ash to their blades. Si-Vonor, heinously wounded by the blade he bore to the coronation, used his dark arts to flee to allies in the southern magocracies of the forests. It was eleven years later, in YED 1482 that Vanias Septian, an Lictor turned Paladin and former Magefinder General of Ganathar tracked him down in a cloud-den in the city of Graihain and slew him in the Divh-Imperitor’s name. Marius had his friend’s body buried in the royal mausoleum, loyal to his friend and ally even in betrayal. Septian was made Mage-Finder Supreme and established the general’s council to ensure that no man could seize such power as Si-Vonor wielded at his height.