Siegfried Uth-Voere

From his dark wooden throne in the Lion’s Watch Siegfried Uth-Voere, Baron of the kingdom of Voereholm and Canneton, is very aware that he is the most powerful man in Cannavin, perhaps in all of northwestern Ralstaa, and though publicly he places great stead in the confidence of the High King, privately he knows that it is his name that people drop on their knee to, not that of Uth-Rallis. Whether or not he is happy about this situation, the Baron’s advisor, and indeed even the Baron himself, seem undecided.


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Siegfried, is a stern, dour man described as sour by many, but he prides himself on fairness, justness and wisdom, as well as on the great strength of those soldiers in his employ and his House's fastness at Caer Voer. He, as well as the rest of his family, resent that House Caldare received a fine land around a trafficked bay while his ancestor, equally loyal and instrumental in Rallis' conquest, was given a backwater, and then given only a tiny portion of it, and a lesser title. But Siegfried knows he cannot pursue justice in the matter, and this only serves to twist the knife.

"While the Princes of Caldare prosper at the High King's right elbow, the Voeres, a dynasty stretched the breadth of the lands under Rallah's divine guidance, have been all but forgotten. Yet if they have forgotten us, we will not forget our duty. We remain vigilant. For easily enough will our names be remembered should the time ever come to curse our failure."


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Son of Angrier Uth-Voere,


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